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Case study related to rbi. Reserve Bank of India - Database

Wagon usage levels as measured by the turnaround time have gone up substantially turnround time has reduced to nearly 8 days in as compared to 12 days in Experts pointed out that the Indian economic condition in was the worst since All these losses were accounted for by ordinary passenger trains Sriraman, And it is widely believed that there would not be response to fare rise in other words, inelastic demand.

CASE STUDY - RESERVE BANK OF INDIA. BRIEF HISTORY OF THE CASE. The Regional Office at Reserve Bank of India, Trivandrum has a small campus that. Monetary Policy Case Studies, IBSCDC, IBSCDC, Case Development Centre, Case Studies in Management, Finance, Marketing, Leadership, Entrepreneurship .

The day after he was appointed, the rupee strengthened, winning accolades for him from around the world. Hence, where the demand for a service is highly inelastic, a substantial addition must be made to the marginal cost.

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Thus, he concludes that passenger services are increasingly being underpriced while freight services are overpriced. Essentially, the point is that railway user charges especially on high-valued items cannot be raised beyond the level at which the elasticity of demand for railway transport works against the interests of the railways. Preliminary market surveys Mckinsey Report as quoted in Thoopal, suggest that only 27 per cent of passengers travelling second class have annual incomes less than Rs.

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The Integrated Railway Modernization Plan introduced in Railway Budget, aimed at upgrading existing capacity and ensure better maintenance. Following the recommendations of the Railway Tariff Enquiry Committee GOI,there have been sharp increases in tariffs over the past two decades.

The case discusses the role of the monetary policy under the leadership of It also studies the performance of the recent four governors of the RBI and the monetary policy stance adopted by them. Case Studies on Generic Strategies - Vol. Utilisation of Existing Potential - Case Studies The present chapter tries to address issues related to the resource mobilization through better utilization of the.

This has been achieved by better essay on how to deal with stress of assets like rolling stock, motive power, etc. On the other hand, Indian Railways has, as a policy, nearly eliminated the wagon load and part wagon load traffic and consequently done away with a large part of its costly marshalling and shunting operations at junctions, thus reducing the average cost per tonne km.

In fact, according to GOIthe entire social burden of the railways is fully borne by freight traffic.

  • However, the rapid expansion of road transport services, over a period of time, has severely limited the scope of discriminating pricing as it is based on the theory of price discrmination which used to provide adequate returns to capital earlier.
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There was a fall in the per unit cost of freight from 61 paise per net tonne Km in to 56 paise per net tonne km in Sriraman, Social Burdens of Railways A major factor impacting upon the financial performance of the Railways is their social burden. Such arbitrary measures as fully distributed or fully allocated coststherefore, cannot substitute for marginal cost measurements as decision rules for proper pricing and the search for any purely cost based estimate is a remnant of inappropriate reliance on the model of perfect competition.

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  • While Indian Railways is still saddled with a number of problems, including, raising sufficient capital for project expansion, effective use of public-private partnerships and improving the efficiency of freight movements a turnaround has occurred, mainly due to reforms from within.
  • Reserve Bank of India - Database

But an equally important issue is whether these operational improvements get converted into financial achievements? On the other hand, losses on account of non-suburban services amounted to Rs.

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Excessive demand for passenger traffic displaces freight and reduces the speed at which freight can be transported by the railways. Losses are partly attributable to inefficiency and partly due to the uncompensated burden of social obligations such as concessions, unremunerative routes, failure of prices to keep up with input costs, etc.

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A phased adjustment over a certain time period would, however, be essential. However, the accumulation of arrears of track renewals see, GOI, rolling stock replacement and under investment in line-haul facilities, sets a limit to better utilisation of facilities GOI, Thus, the fixed phd thesis topic in economics are almost wholly borne by freight traffic.

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The fundamental issue is that there are no quantitative estimates of the losses segregated in this manner especially those relating to inefficiencies and failure of tariffs to be in alignment with costs. The freight rates are, therefore, pitched at a level higher than fully distributable costs.

The following case studies have all experienced what RBI brings to the table – increased efficiency, ease of serviceability and rugged dependability. The method used is legal examination of regulatory practice and case‐study based The findings in the paper relate to the impact and extent of he Ketan Parekh Reserve Bank of India (RBI): a case study", Journal of Financial Crime, Vol.

Considering a train as a rough unit of cost, he points out that the rate per passenger km. This demonstrates how internal reforms and proper utilization of existing capacity can contribute towards growth and efficiency of infrastructure sectors.

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Economists and analysts kept a keen watch on his moves to see if he could contain the crisis in India and bring it back on the growth path. The Railway Budget was a positive step towards the much needed rationalisation of the tariff structure. Even a mere 10 paise increase per passenger-km.

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The Ninth Plan document GOI, observed that the overall fare structure on the railways does not generate sufficient resources to generate the surpluses necessary for capacity expansion.

Generally, case study related to rbi railways carry their social burdens by providing services below their average unit costs-in some instances- for example, in operating new railway lines even below their short-run marginal costs.

However, the rapid expansion of road transport services, over a period of time, has severely limited the scope of discriminating pricing as it is based on the theory of price discrmination which used to provide adequate returns to capital earlier.

When viewed from the perspective of cost recovery, Dalvi and Sriraman point out that there exist large gaps between costs incurred by the railways and prices charged by them especially in respect of passenger services. An important point to note is that while passenger traffic as a whole is being cross-subsidised by freight traffic, there are wide differences in the level of subsidy accruing to, say, suburban and intercity non-suburban traffic.

All posts tagged "RBI Case Studies" The Reserve Bank of India yesterday released a Staff Study titled “Central Bank Balance Sheets Amidst Recent Global . OPTIMIZE PRD INSPECTION INTERVALS USING PRD RBI. The traditional inspection planning method for setting intervals for PRDs in the API inspection.