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The region of Nepal experiences three distinct seasons. Other deciduous tree species found in the park are Indian horse-chestnut Essay on challenges of modern life indicawalnut Junglans regia and Himalayan poplar Populus ciliata.

The Jugdula River valley consists mostly of Quercus species.

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Summer is pleasant, however, the winter brings cold temperatures and heavy snowfall up to one meter. Animal husbandry is a main source of food and wool for weaving clothes. In the Churiya hills Chir pine grows and along the stream and rivers Khair, Sissoo with silk cotton tree occur.

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A short walk 1km from the Park HQ will take you to the Gharial Breeding Center, which is also a home to the Marsh mugger, gharial crocodiles and other turtles. Summer lasting from February through May is intensely hot with minimal precipitation. The southern catchment of the park is drained by the Jugdula and Suligad Rivers, which flow south and drain into the Bheri River.

The local economy is heavily based on agriculture, growing mainly potatoes, buckwheat, mustard, beans and some barley.

Parsa wildlife reserve is the protected area situated in the lowland of Terai. Established in with an area of the vegetation in this wildlife reserve is. The district with Birgunj as it's headquarter offers a chance to explore the natural biodiversity of the Parsa Wildlife Reserve along with an opportunity to study and.

The Kathmandu - Hetauda - Birgunj highway passes by the entrance gate. Flora and fauna of the reserve are fully protected and must not be disturbed. The main objectives of the park are to conserve a representative ecosystem of the mid-Western Terai, particularly the tiger ad its prey species. The vegetation is mainly tall khar-pater grassland with a few pater grassland with a few patches of khair-sissoo Acacia catechu-Dalbergia sissoo scrub forest and deciduous mixed riverine forest.

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Chuchemara Peak m on the southern side of lake presents a magnificent scene with the gleaming blue water within a basin of well forested hills. The elevation of the park ranges from m to m, Chuchemara Lekh is the highest point. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, cultivation in the valley was deliberately prohibited by the government of Nepal in order to maintain a barrier of disease-ridden forests as a defense against the invasion of diseases from the south.

There are nearly species of birds in the reserve.

Parsa Wildlife Reserve

The park provides prime habitat for snow leopard and blue sheep. The lakeside pasture in the south gives way to the steep slopes of Gurchi Lekh, its crest culminating at Chuchemara in a horse-shoe shaped opening to the south drained by the Jiun River.

  • Nepal National Parks Information -
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Movement within the reserve is prohibited before sunrise and after sunset. The monsoon commences late May or early June with frequent and violent thunderstorms. The reserve supports a good population of resident wild elephant, tiger, leopard, sloth bear, gaur, blue bull, wild dog.

High passes remain closed by heavy snowfall during this time.

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Hetauda and Birgunj are about an hour's drive. A small lodge at Kusaha is available for use by tourists and there is a small canteen where snacks and cold drinks can be purchased. Giant hombill, peafowl, red jungle fowl, flycatchers, woodpeckers etc.

This famous park offers a wilderness of rich ecosystem that includes mammals, birds, The park shares its eastern boundary with the Parsa Wildlife Reserve.

The winter is quite severe with ground frost occurring from October. Trading is done with Tibet, exchanging food grains for salt and wool. Ganesh Maharaj, named after the Hindu God, is considered sacred by local people. The reserve has a subtropical monsoon climate with relatively high humidity.

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Visitors entering the park should be self-sufficient in fuel supply kerosene. Surrounded by greenery and filled with natural sounds, the mind relaxes and one finds peace in the wilderness. Lake Rara is the most beautiful and interesting site in the park.

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Rara National Park is located in northwest Nepal about km air distance from Kathmandu. The trail along the eastern embankment of the reserve provides places to observe birds and at dusk and dawn some of the resident animals.

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They are distinguished from domestic animals by their much bigger horns. National Park status was gazetted in Then for the century between andwhen the Rana prime ministers were de facto rulers of Nepal, Chitwan was declared a private hunting reserve, maintained exclusively for the privileged classes.


After an extension init now covers square miles, and another enlargement, now proposed, and contains a wide variety of habitats, from the grassland and riverine forests of the valleys to the sal forest on the hills and the chir pine that grows along the ridges.

The Reserve Headquarters and entrance building are at Kusaha.

Parsa National Park is a protected area in the Inner Terai lowlands of south- central Nepal. It covers an area of km2 ( sq mi) in the Parsa, Makwanpur and Bara districts and ranges in altitude from m (1, ft) to m (3, ft) in the Siwalik Hills. It was established as a wildlife reserve in Parsa Wildlife Reserve occupies parts of Chitwan, Makawanpur, Parsa and Bara districts in central Nepal. The reserve headquarters is situated at Adabar on the.

The resident Gallinaceous birds and migrant waterfowls are of interest to park visitors. Tourist Attraction: The last surviving population about individuals of wild buffalo or arna Bubalus arnee arnee are found here.

Residents of two villages, Rara and Chhapru, were moved out in and resettle in Bardia District. Shey is interesting for religions and wildlife.

Ornithologists have recorded bird species in Nepal, ranging from eagles and other raptors to white-necked storks and brilliant-colored sunbirds. Sal forests cover 70 percent of the park.

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The reserve headquarter is situated at Adhabar on the Hetauda-Birgunj highway 22 km south to Hetauda and 20 km north to Birgunj. Occasional heavy snowfall in mid-winter closes the trails for several days.

Alternate routes are to fly to Jumla and trek about 10 days to the Phoksundo and Shey areas. Giant hornbill, one of the endangered species, is found in certain forest patches.

All visitors must pay a park entry fee at Ankhe guard post of park HQ. Winter lasts from October through January with unclouded skies and moderate temperatures. Visitors flying to Biratnagar will need to travel by bus to the reserve entrance shortly after Lauki.

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Phoksundo Lake also known as Ringmo Lake, it is the most interesting site of the park. Other common animals are sambar, chital, hogdeer, barking deer, langur, striped hyena, ratel, palm civet, jungle cat etc. Camping inside the park except in designated areas is strictly prohibited.

The Park shares its eastern boundary with the Parsa Wildlife Reserve. FLORA AND FAUNA The Chitwan valley consists of tropical and subtropical forests. The Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park, Parsa Wildlife Reserve and Shuklaphanta National Park are home to incredible variety of mammals, reptiles .

Movement inside the park before sunrise and after sunset is prohibited. Movement in the park between sunset and sunrise is prohibited.

Parsa Wildlife Reserve Safari is a rare opportunity to experience the nature and culture of Nepal's Terai, Spread over parts of Chitwan, Makawanpur, Parsa and. Royal Chitwan National Park. Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. Shey-Phoksundo National Park. Parsa Wildlife Reserve. Rara National Park. Royal Bardia National .

Local Communities: The hills present a very rugged face with numerous gullies and dry stream beds.