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Essay on mother teresa in simple english. Kid's Biography: Mother Teresa

Famous People Lessons: English Lesson on Mother Teresa

She spent a year in Ireland learning to speak English at the Loreto Abby. After that she never looked back and started serving to the poor people.

A FREE ESL Lesson plan on Mother Teresa. Biography / profile online quiz and mp3 listening on this famous person. Mother Teresa - Essay 1. Mother Teresa was born in Yugoslavia on 27th August, Her childhood name was Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu.

That event disturbed her mind a lot and made her various nights sleepless. The last two years, she assisted several religious retreats in Letnice and it was clear to her that she would be a missionary for India. She had joined a convent in the year and then came to India Darjeeling and then Kolkata.

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Then her name was Agnes. Her family belonged to the Albanian community. Later, she founded a dispensary and a peaceful home where poor could die. She strove to teach the children there of literate and basic hygiene.

She was full of love, care, and sympathy for mankind.

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It wasn't an easy task to build such an organization and to keep the focus on the poorest people. Her father died when she was eight and she was raised by her mother. She had represented her whole life in front of us as a true mother by providing kind services of full dedication and love to the needy and poor people of the Indian society.

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She always understood herself a devoted servant of the God who had sent to the earth to serve the poor, disabled, and suffering people of slum society. Her childhood was comfortable and prosperous due to her father's success.

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This world is full of good people having great humanitarians but everyone needs an inspiration to go ahead. She once traveled through a war zone to rescue 37 children from the front lines. The missionary also aimed to help the homeless from dying, refuge for the care and teaching of abandoned children, establishment of treatment centers and hospitals for those suffering of leprosy, centers and refuges for alcoholics, the aged and street people and the list continues.

Long and Short Essay on Mother Teresa in English

She was a great ray of hope for all those who had none else to look after them. Soon, she left the convent and started helping poor of that slum. Today, the group has over 4, members who care for people all over the world.

Long and Short Essay on Mother Teresa in English. Mother Teresa was a Her mother was a simple housewife however father was a merchant. The financial. Mother Teresa (born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, 26 August – 5 September ), ethnic Albanian parents in Skopje, North Macedonia, was a Roman.

She came to India when she was On September 5,at the age of 87 she passed away. Her great work was in itself a great reward.

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She served everyone with her love and the love of God. She did not give up. She was not had lots of money but she had attention, confidence, trust and energy which helped her to gladly support poor people.

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Her father was a building contractor while her mother was a homemaker. She also set up her own missionary know as "The missionary of charity" where her and other took care of and loved those that nobody else would. InAgnes took her final vows to become a nun and has done much great work in the world since.

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There she entered the Loreto congregation. Soon, young girls started joining her group in order to provide a kind help to the suffering people of the poor community.

Mother Teresa By Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu

She moved back to Darjeeling on the 10th of September. She worked hard to teach the poorest people in that area.

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As a child, Agnes lived in a quite favorable house and was educated in local schools. She was set up many homes for the poor, helpless children and unfortunate lepers. Again she returned to the Calcutta where she joined the St. August 26, in Uskub, Ottoman Empire Died: One day a Bengali girl, from a well-off family and former student of Sister Teresa, wanted to stay with Sister Teresa and help her.

Kid's Biography: Mother Teresa Service was her only mission and motto.

She would always be alive in our heart as she was the only one like a real mother. Your browser does not support the audio element. She was born in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia but she chose to help poor people of India.

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Thailand essay conclusion is a great legend and highly recognizable symbol of the sympathy and care of our time.

She taught for many years in India becoming the headmistress at a school in eastern Calcutta. Sister Teresa saw the community grow and knew that now she could seriously think about starting a congregation.

She grew up with a homework useless faith and spent a lot of time in the church, but didn't think of being a nun until she was Here she received her name mother Teresa after St Teresa of Lisieuse. Each of her life activity was revolve around God.

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Mother Teresa was decided to become a nun in her early age. She walked barefoot for long distance on the streets to look after poor people. Mother Teresa was a humanitarian.

Essay about Mother Teresa

This is a step on the way to becoming a Saint. Mother Teresa Essay 4 words Mother Teresa was a great woman who is always admired and respected by the people all over the world for her amazing works and achievements. The hostility of the local people who wanted to drive her out changed when she housed a dying would touch.

Essay on “Mother Teresa” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and through her mother's letters, reminded her of the basic call, to care for the poor. . November 3, evirtualguru_ajaygourEnglish (Sr. Secondary). Kids learn about Mother Teresa's biography. A great Before she could go to India, she had to learn English. She spent a year in Ireland She received some basic medical training and then set out to help the sick and needy. This wasn't an .

She taught geography and History with great enjoyment and dedication for 15 years. Rather than have the traditional Nobel honor banquet, she asked that the money for the banquet be donated to the poor of India.

Mother teresa essaysMother Teresa was born in Agnes Gonxhas in Skopje Mecedonia, She strove to teach the children there of literate and basic hygiene. Free Essay: Mother Teresa There are many people in this world that we consider and have things given to them, or poor and working hard for basic needs.

It takes around 9 years of service to become a full member of the Missionaries of Charity. The sisters rose early in the morning, prayed for a long time, had adoration and attended mass, to find in their spiritual life, the strength to do the material work in the service of the Poor.

Essay on “Mother Teresa” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

She was sent to Calcutta now Kolkatato study become a teacher. Although now poor themselves… Mother Teresa By Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu Words 5 Pages Mother Teresa For generations, people around the world of all various social classes have lived very differently.

On May 24,she made her final vows in Darjeeling.