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Thesis on spiritual leadership, based...

As an emerging discipline of scholarship within the Academy of Management, MSR seeks to encourage quality doctoral dissertations as a springboard to ongoing contributory research and inquiry.

The empirical research in the study presents findings that are noteworthy in the modern application of contemporary leadership theory, as well as inspire paradigm shifts in how leadership in viewed from a leadership and organizational effectiveness perspective.

Dissertation submitted to the faculty of the Virginia Polytechnic a theory of spiritual leadership created for this study, but the findings go well. are premised on spiritual leadership principles – Danah Zohar and Ian This thesis advocates spiritual leadership as a paradigm that.

Some of them were recognized as church mothers and gained thesis on spiritual leadership that they used to support and guide the direction of the church. The literature and research available in this area informed the issues to be investigated empirically, using a questionnaire survey within the context of a case study school.

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Data collection involved individual interviews with 10 executive members of the Academy of Management who practice transcendental leadership and workplace spirituality. The landscapes under investigation in the study are in the domain of leadership.

The findings indicated that TSL, as a theoretical concept, is a dynamic balance between transformational leadership and servant leadership. Does EO positively influence OP? The results of the study demonstrate a connection between the presence of leadership fatigue and unethical and immoral decision making and behavior.

Early membership primarily was composed of poor and marginalized people, and within its structure, women found a place to contribute their skills and abilities A. The Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire short-form and Organizational Commitment Questionnaire evaluated work outcomes of job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Hierarchical multiple argumentative essay writing prompts for middle school techniques were used to test the 20 hypotheses.

I drew on the resource-based view theory to examine this relationship. I engaged a purposive sample representing four denominations of the sanctified church: A discussion of the theoretical and practical implications of these findings along with limitations and recommendations for future research conclude the present endeavor. In conclusion, TSL is a powerful theoretical concept that maximizes the strengths of transformational leadership and servant leadership theories.

How do followers empower leaders? The findings revealed that leaders were empowered when effective and courageous followers demonstrated thesis on spiritual leadership and qualities such as decision making and leadership, mindfulness, competence, commitment, conflict management, respect, communication, creativity, integrity, mindfulness, and being proactive and relational.

The Love-Empowered Leader: Perspectives from Kenya Nancy Nkirote Muriuki Abstract The philosophy of servant leadership differentiates servant leaders university of michigan essay requirements those who put the well-being of those served in the larger society as their highest priority.

2017 Dissertations – Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership Program

Using interactionist theory as the foundation for the research, this study examined the direct and indirect effects of servant leadership on innovation climate, innovative work behavior, intrinsic and extrinsic job satisfaction, and team effectiveness at the individual level of analysis.

Indexing document details.

This final thesis statement presents an interpretation of a literary work based on an analysis of its content.

Implications of the study findings, research methodologies, limitations of the study, and recommendations for future research were discussed. The findings of this research indicate that altruistic love is worthy of attention with regard to job satisfaction and organizational commitment. However, despite the interest in innovative behavior, C.

A Phenomenological Perspective Evelina Denise Harris-Wilson Abstract Leadership and followership are interdependent phenomena; nevertheless, most of the past literature has focused on the critical role of the leader. This research also bridges a gap in biblical study by offering a blended methodology that allows other tools to combine with traditional hermeneutics of the narrative text to elicit process.

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  • Human capital is in the phase of revolutionizing from merely as working capital to dynamic resources that hold the competitive advantage of the organization.

LMX had direct effects on essay writing on my strange dream follower engagement and critical thinking, but no support was found for an interaction effect. While the participants described differing ways of inspiring and reinforcing thesis on spiritual leadership, the overarching methods of developing and practicing all seven of these dimensions included a relationship between the leader and employee—as well as a focus on the individual employee themselves, including a unified vision, behavior modeling, as well as a sense of meaning or greater purpose.

I based this methodology on the social construction theory.

The conclusions of these findings and subsequent analyses were incorporated into a model of transformational leadership with the intention of assisting presidents of Christian colleges and universities as they represent their institutions in the challenges of religious freedom in the public square.

Through psychological phenomenological approach, consisting of content analysis of varied methods of interview findings, this study explored what motivates these young adult female professionals to identify with one fourth of young adult women in Japan who have chosen to stay on the long-term career track and how they reconfigure notions of committed relationships, marriage, and parenthood.

This study asked: The relationships between the constructs of TL independent variableWS moderatorCSR mediatorand organizational performance dependent variables: Additionally, companies may experience greater benefits associated with transcendental leadership, such as increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

Awards - Management Spirituality and Religion

A convenience sample consisted of full-time employees at a financial cooperative in the Charleston, South Carolina, area. For servant leaders to ensure employees are fully engaged in the workplace and to see if a relationship between servant leadership and meaningfulness, safety, and availability exists, a field-based, survey design with multiple regression analyses was conducted controlling for gender.

Data were collected from nontraditional graduate students with professional work experience in diverse career sectors.

I recorded interviews, transcribed them, dissected them to create a table for each question, and coded the data to identify themes Creswell, A three-dimensional leadership theory emerged from this study of the life work of Jesus.

The research informed recommendations for a staff formation programme, which acknowledges the contribution that the whole staff can make to the promotion of a distinctive spirituality that is integral to the academic programme of the school. Findings from the mixed methodology provided rhetorical, historical, philosophical, political, and theological insights that were subsequently analyzed through a construct of domains of influence with their resident cross-pressures and the arena of cultural conflict with its participating agents.

The increasingly VUCA environment present in the 21st century has served as a catalyst argumentative essay writing prompts for middle school the emergence of the concept of innovation as a vital element of organizational success. The data were interpreted for principles connecting to ethical and moral leadership and leadership fatigue. Attend the annual Academy of Management meeting.

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A comprehensive research methodology was crafted from the fields of phenomenology, process theory, and biblical hermeneutics and applied to the narrative texts of the four Christian Gospels. Love is a powerful force and thus can change landscapes. For those young adult women who have chosen to remain in the workforce, the question has remained whether they are committed to pursue marriage and fulfill parenthood thus to prove the positive correlations between gender equality, female labor participation, and female fertility.

If you have a plasma TV, you are not poor.

Included within the process of leadership selection and leadership development, there remain cognitive and moral components. There have been many theories of leadership, approaches to tackle employee engagement, and explorations done to address how to produce a conducive working climate.

Understanding the Impact of Transcendental Leadership, Workplace Spirituality, and Corporate Social Responsibility on Performance Mignon Sparks Burton Abstract This study assessed a variable that might counteract a growing contemporary trend of immoral, corrupt, and self-serving leaders.

This Dissertation is brought to you for free and open access by the Houston, George Gregory, "Spirituality and Leadership: Integrating. This Dissertation is brought to you for free and open access by infancy. The goal of this study was to delineate the construct of spiritual leadership and to.

I conducted a phenomenological study to answer the research question: These findings suggested i a divide between how many words should a dissertation discussion be and non-teaching staff as regards their involvement in promoting spirituality; ii that staff of other faiths felt inhibited from promoting a distinctive Catholic spirituality; iii reliance on senior management and the Religious Education department for leadership in the promotion of spirituality; and iv a lack of understanding of the distinctive nature of Catholic spirituality.

Results indicate servant leadership has a direct positive relationship to innovation climate and both servant leadership and innovation climate have a direct positive relationship to intrinsic and extrinsic job satisfaction and team effectiveness.

Bracketing and triangulation were used to analyze data and to ensure validation and credibility. There is, however, one common denominator of leadership change—influence that can focus all theories of change and strategies of hope.

In addition to altruistic love, sense of community and meaningful work were significantly predictive of job satisfaction; however, altruistic love clearly stood out as the most important variable.

UM Students' Repository

The challenges posited by the dynamic evolution of human capital undeniably challenge the style of leadership too. Organizational citizenship behavior was dr guy literature review not to be a possible outcome of spiritual leadership model in Nigeria.

Over 1, initially coded themes and patterns were synthesized through examination of recorded events dissertation without hypothesis the central unit of qualitative analysis.

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The study of authentic leadership is relevant for the Romanian context, as the country has been struggling to minimize corruption at various institutional and organizational levels. The purpose of the study was to understand how TSL affects student leadership development in higher education in China.

Dissertations - Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership Program | School of Business & Leadership

Additionally, the Religious Commitment Index and demographic questions examined the control variables of age, education, gender, income, meditation university of michigan essay requirements, religion, and years of work experience. Followership theory describes the role of followers and following in the leadership process, and Kelley described how follower style occurs based on the two behavioral dimensions of AE and ICT.

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Furthermore, definitions of servant leadership have varied over the past 30 years, making it difficult to clarify what it means to be a servant leader. Data were collected from nontraditional graduate students with professional work experience in diverse career sectors.

All principles of leadership attributes were derived from the Holy Scriptures and included aspects of humility, remaining teachable and the necessity of a growing intimate relationship with God. The participants were assigned to six focus groups consisting of a leader and a follower from different organizations and diverse backgrounds in the Commonwealth of Virginia using the models proposed by Kelleyand Chaleff, which highlighted components such as critical thinking, active engagement, the courage to challenge, participate in transformation, and take moral action.

The textural interpretation generated 22 themes, which remain significant towards leadership.