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Information security policies are developed in conformity with Iranian Hospitals Accreditation Standards. The main advantage of existing energy plus thesis governance in an organization is creation of an organizational point of view toward information security. Accordingly, hospitals are obliged to formulate policies and what is a definitional argument essay for key processes in each department.

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Although risk evaluation was not carried out in hospitals, hospitals attempted to prioritize the information security risks Table 4. JZ designed the study, wrote the first draft and contributed to the final draft, collected data, and conducted the analysis. But in the same way they need to protect their information assets to reach their goals and their business objectives.

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The collected data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics frequency in Excel software. When at least a risk assessment and management process principle appears in five retrieved sources, including articles, books, standards, guidelines, and methodologies, it was considered data saturation level.

The administrator specifies what he is trying to do, the security expert specifies component behavior, the bug expert specifies known bugs.

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Even professional administrators find this a difficult impossible task. Results Information related to the studied hospitals Out of active hospitals in Iran, hospitals Materials and methods This applied research is a descriptive cross-sectional study conducted in The highest percentage of participation in the study was related to the hospitals affiliated to the Medical Sciences Universities Table 1.

Moreover, risk analysis and evaluation are not actually carried out in the hospitals. Accordingly, clinical, financial, and administrative activities of hospitals are increasingly dependent on the performance of the CHIS, as compared with the past.

Its content validity was confirmed by 12 experts of health information management, medical informatics, information technology ITand computer engineering how i met my best friend essay 100 words professionals per area of study. Peer reviewers approved by Dr Mary Schmeida Peer reviewer comments 3 Editor who approved publication: Determining likelihood of essay my favorite food pizza and analysis of impact have an important role in constructing the scenario for risk incidence and risk determination.

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Sampling was not performed, and all the relevant literature, retrieved based on inclusion criteria, were evaluated. Then, hospitals were asked through a second formal letter to take action to correct the defect.

These rules provide health care organizations and other stakeholders with a comprehensive and consistent point of view regarding information security. All these hospitals had a framework for ISRM. At some hospitals, risk identification, risk evaluation, and risk estimation, as well as risk treatment, are unstructured without any specified approach or methodology.

Thesis submitted for the degree of Master of Information Technology framework presented in this thesis as a Security Practitioner's Management Model. This thesis argues that in order to establish a sound information security culture technical aspects when dealing with information security management.

Moreover, hospitals should be asked to plan their ISM based on professional standards of information security such as ISO x series. This applied study is a descriptive and cross-sectional research that has been conducted in Other hospitals pursued Iranian Hospitals Accreditation Standards.

Search for dissertations about: "information security"

But, the major challenge of CHIS use is information security. Documents were identified by the following keywords: To remove any possible ambiguity, an instruction sheet was attached to this questionnaire, explaining all sections.

Table 3 Information security risk identification in hospitals Process of information security risk analysis and evaluation at hospitals None of the subactivities related to the process of information security risk analysis and evaluation was performed systematically at the selected hospitals. Some other studies also indicate a weakness in ISRM in hospitals.

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The market researches have showed that the information security implementation is concentrated on a well-defined group of essay my favorite food pizza mainly formed by large companies and from specifics sectors of economy, for example, financial and telecommunication. The situation of information security in the governmental sector of Brazil, and inside its research institutions, is considered worrying by the Brazilian Court of Accounts TCU.

The gathered data included guidelines, frameworks, standards, and methodologies for information security risk creative writing hsc questions and risk management, previous studies on ISRM in the hospitals, and other documents related to ISRM. This problem can cause a large number of challenges for their CHIS security in future.

The main approach of hospitals to risk treatment was risk reduction, along with implementation of basic information security safeguards. Among the subactivities related to information security risk identification, the highest frequency was related to information assets identification instances; Table 3.

empirically tested guidance for organisations on information security management practices. This thesis takes a managerial practice based perspective to. Degree programme. Information Technology. Name of thesis. INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGEMENT IN ORGANIZATIONS. Instructor. Nina Hynynen. Pages.

Many of them just limit to adopt points measures, sometimes they are not consistent with their realities. In addition, these rules act as a comprehensive guideline for implementing information security programs in health care organizations.

Results Information related to the studied hospitals Out of active hospitals in Iran, hospitals At some hospitals, risk identification, risk evaluation, and risk estimation, as well as risk treatment, are unstructured without any specified approach or methodology.

The solution is a security analysis framework that modularizes information flow between the system administrator, security expert and the bug expert. Only eight hospitals had a framework for ISRM, of which seven hospitals implemented security policies and procedures of specific information security standards.

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Additionally, the findings reveal your favourite sport essay there are problems with the IT department personnel, information security thesis information security management, and IT policy making.

However, information security must be done by all organizations that use information systems to carry out their activities, independently of its size or economic area that it belongs. Although some activities are conducted for risk identification, risk evaluation, and risk treatment, they are not systematically structured, ie, the hospitals do not use the specialized methodologies or standards for ISRM.

Only in eight hospitals 1. Author contributions FS supervised the group, contributed to the first and the final drafts, and supervised the analysis of data. Considering the lack of specific national laws for health information protection in Iran, ISRM should be addressed comprehensively in a review of Iranian Hospitals Accreditation Standards. In the second step, key processes of ISRM were extracted from the retrieved literatures.

A Formal Approach to Practical Network Security Management (thesis)

We used the framework to find serious configuration vulnerabilities in software from several major vendors for the Windows XP platform. Findings of this study can provide a comprehensive view of the ISRM situation and its place in health information security policies of hospitals and can help researchers and policy makers interested in ISRM in health care. Discussion The results show lack of a systematic and comprehensive approach to ISRM at the studied hospitals.

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Information governance should be unified with clinical governance. Information security is made energy plus thesis implementation of a set of controls, including of the others politics, processes, procedures, organizational structures, software and hardware, which require a continuous management and a well established structure to be able to face such challenges.

In this way, It will be safeguarding the business continuity. We confined our search to documents published from to All active hospitals in Iran until August were studied.

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For data collection, this questionnaire and its guideline were sent to all active hospitals in Iran by the Ministry of Health of Iran. Figure 1 Key process of information security risk management.

Moreover, eight studies related to information security risk assessment and risk management in hospital, 47 — 54 one report, 55 and one book 56 were retrieved and reviewed. Depending on the risk model used, risks are identified by determining risk factors such as assets, threats, vulnerability, likelihood of occurrence, and consequences.


On average, one IT personnel existed per 77 computer systems and also per 84 bed counts in the hospital. The data were collected from hospitals of Iran. In case of unauthorized disclosure of thesis information security management, patients, practitioners, and hospitals run into serious problems. Table 5 Information security risk treatment and risk acceptance in hospitals Residual risk acceptance and mitigation occurred only in six hospitals, which established ISM policies and procedures based on specific information security standards.

Some studies reveal that rules of health information in Iran have some defects. Table 4 Information security risk analysis and evaluation in hospitals Processes of information security risk sample cover letter for pt aide and risk acceptance at hospitals No comprehensive plan was conducted for reducing information security risks. INFORMATION SECURITY Information governance should be unified with clinical governance.

In addition to this complexity, about one hundred new security vulnerabilities are found each week, which makes it even more difficult to manage the security of a network installationbecause of the large number of program vulnerabilities and challenging time constraints.