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Sample thesis title for graduate studies,

Studies of theses and dissertations have shown great concern to support and promote breastfeeding, as well as to understand the perceptions of the mother regarding breastfeeding, and to discuss the problems of premature nutrition, low birth weight of newborns and family concerns in the process of breastfeeding.

For data collection it was done a search for published dissertations and theses that used the topic, Breastfeeding, held in Nursing Graduate Programs in Brazil between andavailable online on the theses database of Coordination Improvement of Higher Education Personnel CAPES.

The search for studies occurred in March and the first step was the adoption of the keywords: According to Erdmann and Fernandes 9Nursing Graduate Programs in Brazil have been consolidating themselves through the human resources formation in research, granting masters in nursing science from the beginning of the 70s, and Phds in the early 80s, becoming stronger in their specificities and diversities.

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In three dissertations were presented, and ina dissertation, both in the Graduate Program sample thesis title for graduate studies State University of Sao Paulo. The knowledge built on Breastfeeding in strictu sensu graduate programs plays an important role, and it is politically recognized in the formation of qualified human resources.

A total of studies were located, including theses, academic Master's dissertations and 60 professional Master's dissertations. The following and more accurate step for the selection of studies was the analytical reading of all the abstracts in order to identify the production of health area, specifically on the topic breastfeeding which were exclusively developed in Nursing Graduate Programs, which constituted the inclusion criteria.

It was in the Southeast and South where the first stricto sensu courses in Nursing Graduate Programs were implanted in Brazil. The interest in the breastfeeding area has been increasing in recent years, a phenomenon evidenced in the studied period, although in the first 4 years of this period, there was only one PhD thesis.

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When it was analyzed which researchers had more advisees, a researcher is highlighted sample thesis title for graduate studies ten There were, then, 15 categories described in the following table Table 1. RESULTS From the total amount of studies initially identified, the sample for this bibliometric study in the proposed period resulted in abstracts, which presented the breastfeeding and lactation as a central topic of the research thesis or dissertation in health area.

How to make a 1 page business plan theses and dissertations analyzed were from the period between and On the other hand, the PhD theses were presented in a greater number in, and It assists in mapping and generating different indicators of information and knowledge, facilitating decision making in managing information for a specific scientific community 5.

Guided by these considerations, a bibliometric study of dissertations and theses of Programs between and was decided to be conducted. J Pediatr ; 80 2:

Oguisso T, Tsunechiro MA. The advantages of breastfeeding for the child, his or her mother and society are several and unquestionable when practiced since birth, exclusively up to 6 months and complemented with appropriate foods until 2 years of age or beyond, it shows great potential to transform growth, development and prevention of diseases in childhood and adulthood 3.

The Cochrane Library, v. These Nursing Graduate Programs with higher number of productions are concentrated in South and Southeast regions of Brazil and when comparing the numbers of academic advising, it appears that ten researchers advised more than half of the researches.

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In conclusion, this study emphasizes the relevance to point out paths which are in development in scientific production in nursing concerning breastfeeding in stricto sensu Graduate Programs in Brazil. Optimal duration of exclusive breastfeeding.

IGraduate student (PhD), Nursing Graduate Program, Federal University of . to select a sample that the central topic was the study of breastfeeding/lactation in. Student Info. Services for Students · Graduate Studies · International Students · Housing · Fees & Funding · Scholarships · Dates & Deadlines · UVolunteer.

Still noting the Figure 1between the years of andthere was a greater number of academic Master's dissertations. Lotka's Law, on the other hand, proposes to define the major contributions of researchers in certain fields of knowledge, consider that thesis proposal vorlage researchers, supposedly the most prestigious ones in a particular area of knowledge, produce several researches, and many researchers, supposedly less prestigious ones, produce little.

What are the characteristics of dissertations and theses produced in Nursing Graduate Programs in Brazil on breastfeeding area? The results showed the importance of this theme in advanced studies.

Master's Thesis. Title Development of the Word-of-Mouth Studies around and on the Credibility Problem: Divergent Branching of the Electronic. Home · For Students; Sample Thesis Titles. Completing a thesis is the capstone experience of the QMSS program. The list of theses below demonstrates the broad array of substantive subject areas to which our graduates have applied their.

Hereafter, the information was placed on a table in the software Microsoft Excel, containing columns separating the following information: The research area on breastfeeding delimits an area of interest in the Knowledge Construction, aggregating, in an interdisciplinary way, the knowledge produced by medicine, nursing, nutrition, dentistry, psychology, among others.

This study aimed at characterizing these productions on the topic of breastfeeding, regarding the type of study, theoretical-philosophical and methodological, advisor, the argumentation or defense year and the institution, so as to contribute to build a body of knowledge that could offer subsidies for the nursing care practice in this field of knowledge.

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Bibliometrics is a quantitative instrument, which minimizes the subjectivity inherent to the index and retrieval of information, producing knowledge in a particular subject area.

Bradford's Law aims at estimating the degree of relative importance of journals in a given area of knowledge, and journals which produce the greatest number of articles on a given subject, composes a nucleus of journals, supposedly of higher quality or relevance to the area.

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Acta Paul Enferm. When analyzed again the design of the studies, it was verified that the qualitative studies were more developed in Academic Master's and in PhDs representing 60 studies Cochrane review. This knowledge also stimulates the development of research for the preparation of new researchers and intellectuals workers for competencies development.

It was met with some interest but was then forgotten during the period of the Great Depression.

The theoretical- philosophical framework of highest prevalence was Phenomenology, described in nine studies The subject tool with the option "any of the words", the level and the base year were selected by us. Growth of exclusively breastfed infants in the first 6 months of life.

Examples of methodology in research proposal Phd Research Thesis In Possible topics for PhD research Centre for Longitudinal Studies, Institute of. English papers Phd Proposal Thesis examples of an argumentative thesis PhD Research Proposal for the PhD thesis preliminary title: "An Application of.

J Pediatr ; 80 2: It was noted that Among the various areas of knowledge in Nursing, the breastfeeding theme, although with significant contributions, still causes countless inquiries and it has been commonly used in stricto sensu graduate studies of Nursing Graduate Programs, a condition which encourages us to ask the following question: Rev Eletronica Biblioteconomia Cien Inf.

Three faculty members advised The act of breastfeeding is not centered only on the mother, this process expands to other interactions in family and social spheres, additionally the nursing professional has to understand this process and increasingly produce more studies that plan and resize a nursing care to raise breastfeeding rates in the country.

Alvarador U.

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Due to the fact our option was to conduct the search of the available abstracts through CAPES Theses Database, all information obtained in this study was extracted only from abstracts. The knowledge construction is the result of competent human resources in the investigative process to a more skilled care.

Sample Paper for Pakistan Studies Ph.D /Click here. How I wrote my PhD thesis in 3 months; the 10 crucial factors to writing a. , 'Your Thesis Title'.

Rev bras Enferm. Regarding the methodological framework, Content Analysis showed a higher prevalence being adopted in eleven studies Overcoming dogmas and ideologies about breastfeeding in favor of science-based positions is a priority when proposing advances in nursing care to promote breastfeeding.

Erdmann AL.

Medicine and nursing dissertation topics research prospect. Topic: philosophy phd thesis titles medicine gulf resume format sample for mechanical engineer. 10 fev. research proposal topic examples international political economy thesis persuasive essay structure powerpoint phd thesis on school.

DF, From toit was identified a growing number of both, theses and dissertations produced. After six months, in order sample thesis title for graduate studies meet their nutritional needs, the child should receive safe complementary foods and nutritious adequate foods, along with breastfeeding until they are 2 years of age or beyond 1. In academic Master's dissertations the category most studied was "Perception of BF by the mother" representing These were selected based on health terminology found in the Health Sciences Descriptors.

Annotated bibliography teacher education

After reading these, 96 studies were selected, of which 24 theses, 67 academic Master's dissertations and five professional Master's dissertations. A total of studies were located, including theses, academic Master's dissertations and 60 professional Master's dissertations.

The following and more accurate step for the selection of studies was the analytical reading of all the abstracts in order to identify the production of health area, specifically on the topic breastfeeding which were exclusively developed in Nursing Graduate Programs, which constituted the inclusion criteria.