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Literature review database search. Searching the literature - Literature Review - LibGuides at UCD Library

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What journal titles were hand searched, whether reference lists were checked, what trial registries or regulatory agency websites were searched, were manufacturers or other authors contacted to obtain unpublished or missing information on study methods or results.

For an adult with lower back pain, is exercise or resting a more effective treatment? MeSH thesaurus can help find words used by indexers for medical concepts.

Maximise the quality, scope and appropriateness of the literature you end up reviewing. Commencing a search: Determine key concepts and. This list provides links to the main medical and health databases. OTSeeker, Searches systematic reviews and randomised controlled trials relevant to.

Field Searching Field searching allows you to search within a specific field, such as author or title. The search process should be as transparent as possible and documented in a way that enables it to be evaluated and reproduced. It is important to structure your literature search systematically; clearly identify the scope before you begin and keep in mind the quality and relevance of the literature as you proceed.

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Searching Tips By thinking carefully about how you run your search strategy you can make your search more effective. This will happen automatically while on-campus but may need to be set up as "Library Links" under Scholar Settings to work from off-site.

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Master's theses published from forward include word abstracts. Library databases Use library databases to find peer-reviewed, high quality articles and research papers.

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Headings within the thesaurus are arranged in a hierarchical structure known as a "tree" that enables searches to be conducted at various levels of specificity. Even if Google Scholar was to allow users to browse beyond the first search results, its overall recall would still be too low to locate all included references to support the systematic review.

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You may need to reformat your search keywords but always follow your search strategy. Create a RefWorks database into which will be imported the citation plus abstract of each study identified through a database or website search or journal article identified by hand searching.

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Is the author an expert in the field of study? Limits Many databases allow you to limit your search to a specific type of article peer reviewed or refereed for examplearticles published within a certain time frame,or specific languages.

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The debate as to whether Google Scholar should be used in systematic reviews, either as one of the databases searched, or potentially as the only database needed in a search of the medical literature continues. When conducting a search within a large database your search terms should be closely related to the components of your PICO question. Some databases, e. Structuring your question will clarify the search and identify keywords or search terms that will assist with your search.

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Is the author's perspective objective i. If you are using a web source, what is the date the web page was last updated?

If you are using a web source, what is the date the web page was last updated?

Wildcard Searching Wildcard operators act as a substitute for a character in a word. When reading critically the references you have located you must: From the author's writing style are you able to detect a factual or opinionated point of view?

Overview of how to get started writing a health sciences literature review. Before starting your database search, think about terms that can be used to describe. For the humanities and social sciences the most relevant databases will be Academic Search Complete, JSTOR, ERIC, Sociological Abstracts.