Arab PhD Student’s Thesis Presents ‘Scientific Evidence’ That The Earth Is Flat
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Arab phd student thesis, islamic studies

Research Units

These may include specialist disciplinary, language or regional culture courses or research training in other Departments outside the Faculty. In the first year students are expected to meet their main supervisor on a bi-weekly basis for a period of at least one hour.

Knowledge of Arabic or Persian at the first-year level is an asset.

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During the third year or part time equivalent students will present draft chapters to their main supervisor for comment, before completing a final draft of the thesis. Students have the opportunity to be involved in a arab phd student thesis of cutting-edge research projects.

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Nidhal Guessoum is a professor of physics and astronomy at the American University of Sharjah. He has been at Georgetown since She has lived in Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt, and will defend the cuisines of them all. During this time, students will normally give a presentation in a research seminar organised by the Departmental Research Tutor, comprising a select number of staff members with special expertise in the topic and other research students.

Thesis Of Arab PhD Student Shows 'Scientific Evidence' That The Earth Is Really Flat! | Trending News PortalTrending News Portal. The thesis was rejected, and by all accounts it is a poor piece of writing, reflecting religious beliefs and not actual work. (In fact, there is no evidence whatever.

Here are some of the key reasons to use my service: Once a full draft is complete, the work is assessed by all members of the supervisory committee and the student can either submit the thesis or move on to Continuation Status to be given a further 12 months to complete the thesis and submit for examination.

Native speakers of these languages will be required to master a second Middle Eastern language.

Master of Arts M. The dynamic between religion, law and politics has intrigued her since she first lived and worked in Egypt in

The doctorate is awarded when the candidate passes a defense of the dissertation. The degrees and specializations offered at the Institute are: The student submitted her thesis after five years of work; it was then sent to two assessors, thus passing the first stage of approvals.

In her free time she cooks and translates.

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Research Degrees. Once your thesis is submitted I help prepare you for your viva by preparing questions and holding mock vivas.

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Image Credit: In the first semester of their first year, students must complete the following courses: This paper outlines how a methodology drawing on ethnography, material culture studies, and oral history can offer a new way of reading "kitchen histories" in the Arabic-speaking world.

Her publications include: The upgrade from MPhil to PhD takes place at the cause and effect of environmental pollution essay of the first academic session for full time students or at the end of the second academic session for part time students. Admission to the Ph.

They reported that the exam required the ability to think critically and problem-solve 4. The research described below investigates whether there is a correlation between the students' success with OSCEs and their success in other aspects of the course.

Please note that fees go up each year. History PhD candidates take departmental oral examinations usually in the spring of their second year of study.

Whatever help you need to successfully complete your PhD thesis and viva I can I have been working with Arab students and researchers for 8 years and. Includes abstracts for doctoral dissertations beginning July and for Master's theses beginning Spring Citations for dissertations.

Language Requirements Students are expected to develop Middle Eastern language skills in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, or Turkish that will enable them to work at the highest levels of scholarship and teaching in their chosen field. The split in time commitment across the supervisory committee is Battikhi eds.

Hons in Systems Engineering from Loughborough University. Cynthia also participated in the reading and translation of the modern Egyptian poet, Aml Dunqal at Intersectionsa poetry reading event at Indiana University, in Now available online through Routledge.

Arab PhD Student's Thesis Presents 'Scientific Evidence' That The Earth Is Flat. The thesis also claims that the planet is stationary, is the center of the universe. Last week, a huge scandal rocked the Tunisian and Arab scientific and educational world: a PhD student submitted a thesis declaring Earth to.

Islamic Studies: Institute alumni now hold positions at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, as well as at leading Canadian universities. The language component of the degree is demanding; students are required to have knowledge of Arabic or Persian, a second Islamic language, and a research, usually European, language.

The fees below are per academic year.

In particular, he studies the development of the hadith sciences and the role various types of hadith played in the growth of Islamic theology, jurisprudence and historiography. Important notice The information on the programme page reflects the intended programme structure against the given academic session.

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History doctoral students usually take four courses each semester of their first two years in the program. Students pursuing the Ph. Indeed, we find in the conclusions of the thesis clear indications of this stand and approach, expressions such as: This new scandal is much worse, because it does not come from a cleric that was bad enough but rather from a PhD student in science, her supervisor held the Professor rank the highest in academiaand they were explicitly rejecting major parts of modern science.

Recently, the Arab and Tunisian educational and scientific community was ' rocked' when a certain PhD student in science presented a thesis. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. edit: I'll appreciate if someone provides the link to original thesis.

Dissertation In the third year doctoral students identify a three-member dissertation committee and topic.