Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 3
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Numbers The next lesson is how to count to ten, and Mario gets reluctantly annoyed by Jeffy repeatedly saying the object on the cards. Inside the summer school classroom, a Magikoopa named Cody is breathing strangely, and a Shy Guy named Tanner calls Cody a nerd. Dream Mama Luigi. Mario becomes frustrated and tells him it is eight.

  1. The trio goes near the dining room where Mario shows Jeffy the rules of teeball, and Jeffy asks if he has to tee his eyes on the ball before starting to throw his bat and missing the ball.
  2. Plot The video begins on Junior's last day of school.
  3. After the argument, Mario claims Jeffy is a "genius" and skips to the next lesson, which is English.
  4. After his death in the premiere of the second season of Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventureshe was resurrected as a zombie and he died again after a Mario shot him.

Bowser demands that Junior shows him the report card. He was the deuteragonist in the first season and was the main antagonist of Toad's Mistakethe first video in the Toad's Mistake series, and its reboot video.

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Personality Mama Luigi's personality is one of frequent smart and dumb fewer actions, but overall, he is very nice and has very few enemies. After Jeffy reaches the tenth card, Mario says he's done, but Rosalina tells him he can keep going, and Jeffy continues, despite Mario's beggings. Mario then comes and asks Jeffy to learn ABCs, but Jeffy at first sbi po essay questions it for animals and says his favorite animal is a carrot.

The teacher tells Junior that he is likely gonna have to go to summer school.

Category:Jeffy's Homework! | SuperMarioLogan Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Video Games. Jump cut to the evening that next day, where Rosalina and Mario are sitting next to each other, with Mario's face mostly blackened and his forehead wrapped from the teeball hit.

Toad then throws a world war 1 facts for homework ball at Steinbeck, and Steinbeck freaks out and beats up Toad. This causes Mario to shoot himself in the nose, ending the episode. Contents [ show ] Plush This version of the Luigi plush is from the company Kellytoy.

Bowser Junior

When Junior says he needs a tutor that knows everything, Chris the Cucumber arrives and offers to help, despite being a moron, Chef Pee Pee tells Junior to get Chris to help Junior cheat on his test, which the duo then agree.

But what is known is that he has a history of violence, such as vengeance when he failed in winning The Main Character Judging contest, he kidnapped, abused, and assaulted Mario's true brother, Luigi and also kept it a secret until revealed in the second season of Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures. Yoshi loves Mama Luigi. The next flash card reads "yo-yo" and Jeffy says "why?

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Toad reveals that the answers he gave Junior in the past were wrong, and he's in school. It's considered really rare just entirely because of Mama Luigi. The duo move on to the next word, "drum" which Chef Pee Pee thinks might be onoranze funebri business plan bowl, mistaking the drumsticks for spoonswhen Chef Pee Pee looks up, Junior is missing, and is found riding his horse, when Chef Pee Pee finds him, he reminds Junior that he is meant to be doing his homework, but Junior continues to ride his horse and ignores him, until Chef Pee Pee forces him back into the kitchen, forcing him to do his homework, when Toad comes in to perform a rap about educationwhich is onoranze funebri business plan ridiculous, he leaves when he notices the calculus homework.

Whatever else you want to say about class so far. Mario tries to teach him the correct pronunciation but Jeffy keeps saying "why?

SuperMarioLogan Wiki does not have a category with this exact name. Please browse the existing categories to check if the category is covered under another. Jeffy - Jeffy =8 - Cody's - FNAP PLUSH Jeffy's Homework! | SuperMarioLogan Wiki | FANDOM powered Jeffy's Homework!.

Mama Luigi has killed Toad because he touched his nickel. Not many are sure what exactly goes through this clone's head. Should Keunwoo discuss more concrete examples, e. Chris the Cucumber does not say why he is in school, but he claims that cucumbers have their own planet, and laughs maniacally.

Bowser Junior's Summer School (episode)

He also assaulted and murdered Toad by putting him in the microwave because he earlier touched his nickel in "Toad's Mistake". Cody tells Tanner to pick on somebody else, so Tanner decides to pick on the Goomba named Paul that is behind him. We don't care particularly what you do; one student has already written "I want to have some pizza", which is fine. Chef Pee Pee doesn't know any Calculus or Chinese, but he can spell, he helps with spelling the first word, "dog" which Junior insists is "cow".

"Bowser Junior's Homework" is the 36th video of SML Movies. It is the pilot episode of the Bowser Junior's Summer School series. Bowser forces Chef Pee Pee to tutor his son and help him pass. "Jeffy's Homework!" is the th video of SML Movies. Jeffy has to be homeschooled!.

Jeffy says it's 8, because the four is taken away. Yo Mama jokes. The Force Awakens, but Jeffy irritates Mario with his cat piano.

Jeffy's Homework!

Should Keunwoo draw on patrick mahomes cover letter board more instead of writing code, or is the current style of presentation OK? Mario by far was the saddest about his death. Video Games.

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When Chef Pee Pee leaves, Chris tells Junior that the best way to study is to ride horses, and the two ride Juniors Horsey together despite Chef Pee Pee's reminder on what was bound to happen next. After several misses, Rosalina and Mario give him a bigger bat, and Jeffy successfully hits the ball after a few other misses.

This caused Logan to leave YouTube for a while. Steinbeck kicks Toad out of the room. However, it turned out he was the tertiary antagonist as well, having kidnapped the real Luigi and replaced him, revealing that several random things he had done in videos had actually been him business plan gif Luigi.

Bowser Junior's Homework

Meanwhile, Failed history coursework is watching Charleyyy and Friends as usual. Micro-Homework 2 Due: After Black Yoshi's introduction, Jackie Chu gives out textbooks to the students. Mama Luigi has survived things that would kill other people.

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Chef Pee Pee is shocked that Junior failed all of his classes and wonders how Junior got a B- in attendance. Bowser tells Junior that he will have to attend summer school as he does not want Junior to be a failure.

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E defeating Bowser and saving Peach. Jeffy pronounces it as "fwog", and claims Mario knows what he is saying repeatedly before telling to bring out the next card. Charleyyy is at the library and tells the audience to be quiet. He also beat up Luigi and Toad with ease.

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Steinbeck yells at the class for laughing at him. Mario decides to use a whiteboard instead, and he gets tired after Rosalina starts to educate Jeffy. But, Mama Luigi was help you write essay a day in prison for kidnapping, but it was more of a reward than a punishment, as Bubbles was his college roommate and now cellmate.

Jump cut to the evening that next day, where Rosalina and Mario are sitting next to each other, with Mario's face mostly blackened and his forehead wrapped from the teeball hit. Charleyyy introduces himself the same way he does on his show, and he says that he is in school to learn.

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Alphabet During the first lesson, Mario asks Rosalina to bring flash cards, but Jeffy keeps screaming at the animal pictures on the cards. Steinbeck says that Junior had received his report card and that it would be interesting if Bowser would take a look at it.

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There is a knock on the door, and Mario weakenly walks to open it. Sports Mario says there is one more lesson to teach, and that's "at least one sport". Junior complains and Bowser continues to whip him.

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Bowser laughs at what happened and then receives a phone call from Principal Steinbeck. Math The next lesson is learning math, and Mario tells Rosalina to bring in the cue cards, of which Jeffy mistakes for "cucumbers".

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