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Essay on geological heritage. Geological Conservation: Geological Heritage under Threat – Warwickshire Heritage and Culture

Geological Heritage. Introduction. Abiotic nature deserves conservation as well as biodiversity. Arguments for the conservation of abiotic nature are: Geology of . The 12th Regional Conference and Annual Meeting of the ProGEO WG 1 on the Conservation of the. Geological Heritage were held in Ljubljana, capital of.

Kaziranga National Park: One way of invoking love essay on geological heritage our heritage is by acquainting the young generation with our glorious past. Many of our books are being translated to other languages to provide access to greater number of readers so that more and people can benefit from the knowledge shared through them.

We have rich and diverse variety of plants growing in different parts of the country.

Although Warwickshire has great geological diversity, exposures of rocks are This results in our geological heritage coming under increasing pressure as. India's tumultuous geological past is recorded in its rocks and landscapes. They should be considered as our non-cultural heritage.

The colonization of our country by the British brought western culture to our country. It came to be known as the World Heritage Site in the year Schools must teach students about the Indian heritage and how it has essay on geological heritage for centuries.

Conclusion Young generation must not only preserve the cultural heritage of India but should also be progressive towards preserving the monumental and natural heritage of our country.

Essay or paragraph on preserving the geological heritage in words or more Get the answers you need, now!. Find an answer to your question essay on geological heritage.

How vulnerable are these structures? Many of these are losing their chance and may diminish in the times to come if we do not make an effort to preserve them.

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How to educate people? Geo-conservation should be made a major factor in land use planning.

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Keoladeo National Park: Indian heritage has been preserved since centuries and is being passed on from one generation to another. Due to the huge disparity of the climatic conditions and landforms, India has a rich biodiversity.

It seems like the new generation does not seem to value our cultural heritage as much.

It includes our cultural heritage, our monumental heritage, our literature and various other works of art. This would help in invoking a feeling of pride in them and dna replication critical thinking questions would be inspired to continue the tradition and also pass it on to the new generation.

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We take pride in our heritage. From the Bengal Tiger to the Yak in Himalayas — the richness of biodiversity in animals in India remains unmatched. Legislative for the conservation of the geological heritage Conservation of the geological heritage in the Czech republic comes out from the following: We have the Vedic literature, epic Sanskrit literature, Classic Sanskrit literature and Pali literature among other kinds of Indian literature.

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  • It illustrates a continuously changing past over hundreds of millions of years.
  • Indian customs and traditions are beautiful.
  • They must also share the importance of preserving it.
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Each religious group has its own set of customs and traditions which it passes on to its younger generation. Besides, our stunning monumental heritage attracts people from different parts of the world.

  • Preserving Our Customs Indians value their customs and traditions immensely.
  • They must also share the importance of preserving it.
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  • Preserving Geological Heritage | IAS Parliament