How to Write the Best Journal Submission Cover Letter
Make use of subheadings to bring order and coherence to your review. Do not bore them, because it may lead to rejection of your worthy proposal.
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Cover letter format for research paper submission, writing effective cover...

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You can include copies of those works. If no handling editor is named, address your cover letter to the Editor-in-Chief.

Tips for a strong journal cover letter for your research manuscript. The cover letter you submit to your target journal is your chance to lobby on behalf of your. Cover letter. December 26, Editorial Department of Asian Journal Pharmaceutical Sciences. Shenyang I am submitting a manuscript for consideration of publication in Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. .. Figure samples.

Unfortunately, few authors are aware of the actual impact that a cover letter can have: In this case, the resubmission cover letter need not repeat the information that was provided on initial submission.

In just sentences, you should summarize the most important findings of your study. Conversely, if you are submitting to a publication with narrow scope, you can write about your findings in highly focused terms.

When you submit your article to a journal, you often need to include a cover letter. Save time and download our sample cover letter template. Learn how to write a convincing journal submission cover letter, starting from FREE downloadable template (with notes) included! cover letter that will convince editors to review your research paper, then look no further!.

First paragraph: Sometimes great science will be reviewed regardless of the cover letter, but a well written cover letter is useful for the vast majority of scientists who want to make their research stand out.

Finally, state that the manuscript is not under consideration for publication by another journal and that all the authors have read the manuscript and agreed to submit it to that journal. What makes an effective cover letter?

A good cover letter can help to “sell” your manuscript to the journal editor. entitled “Large Scale Analysis of Cell Cycle Regulators in bladder cancer” by Researcher et al. Include the date of submission and the journal you are submitting to. Sample cover letter for submission of a paper to an SPIE journal I/We wish to submit a new manuscript entitled “[title of article]” for consideration by the [journal .

In addition to economic factors, many editors use the cover letter to screen whether authors can follow basic instructions. While you want to adequately explain your work and sell its concept to editors, essay on whole world is our family your cover letter to a maximum of one page.

Apr 18, What is novel about this study?

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  2. Sadly, we must admit that part of the decision-making process of whether to accept a manuscript is based on a business model.
  3. You should use formal language in your cover letter.
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We hope our tips and Word template can help you create professional, complete cover letters in a time-effective way. Journal editors may receive thousands of submissions annually, and many fulfill editing duties on top of their own research and teaching schedule, so you should strive to make their jobs easier by providing as concise a summary as possible.

Include your contact information, cover letter format for research paper submission well.

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Originality and author agreement: The manuscript is original i. However, if you send your cover letter on letterhead PDF or hard copy by mailmove your contact information to the upper-left corner of the page unless you use pre-printed letterhead, in which case your contact information should be centered at the top of the letter.

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Then, write a letter that explains why the editor would want to publish your manuscript. We confirm that this manuscript has not been published elsewhere and is not under consideration by another journal.

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