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This can be a summary of various research findings and methods used. If you do decide to delve deeper, read the introduction.
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Published Online: It was also found that many amplifier collocations used by the Chinese learners were congruent collocations.

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It also improves on existing accounts of Chinese bare conditionals in being able to capture the details of the form and meaning of this construction. I argue that the use of a pronoun in a bare conditional is not subject to a uniqueness and existence condition as claimed in Lin His analysis is needed for the interpretation of Chinese bare conditionals but may not be applied directly to whatever, given that a causal link is necessarily present in a bare conditional, but not required in an English whatever-sentence.

Again in this chapter, special emphasis is placed on the Kunlun, which is understood as a divide between a Buddhist west and a Chinese east.

Translation for 'doctoral dissertation' in the free English-Chinese dictionary and many other Chinese translations. dissertation in Chinese::论文. click for more detailed Chinese translation, definition, pronunciation and example sentences.

A sample corpus of doctoral dissertations by Chinese doctoral students and a control corpus of doctoral dissertations by native speaker doctoral students were compiled and used for the analyses.

The first chapter, covering about one quarter of the thesis, presents a general and detailed overview of the development of geographical writing and its emergence as an independent genre during the time of disunion.

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While secular prose and religious writings of the time have caught a lot of scholarly attention, a gap remains in our understanding of Chinese geographical and spatial concepts as well as of the corresponding literature. As Felt put it, waterways are not only omnipresent in the Shuijing zhu since they anchor the narrative, but together with mountains they form the natural environment which for Li Daoyuan is the foundation of all knowledge pp.

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Turned into a monograph it could elicit interest from geographers as well as historians focusing on cultural and intellectual history. While imperial geographies placed India at the western edge, Buddhist geographies placed it in the center.

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And fourth, it brought geographical writing into the purview of the imperial state pp. The split between south and north was not only a political divide but led also to the development of distinct southern and northern cultures. Although bare conditionals typically contain two identical wh-words, they may occur naturally with a pronoun that links bare conditionals with other sentences into a piece of coherent discourse.

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In particular, they tended to use clearly much more frequently to intensify the reporting verbs and to essay spm my dream house the amplifiers to intensify the meaning of general adjectives in their writing. Meanwhile, the Chinese learners' mother tongue exerts a clear influence on their use of amplifiers and amplifier collocations.

  • The first chapter, covering about one quarter of the thesis, presents a general and detailed overview of the development of geographical writing and its emergence as an independent genre during the time of disunion.
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Rivers essay thesis dissertation bring death by floods or prosperity if properly tamed and used for irrigation. In the introduction, Felt presents the central questions driving his research and moreover gives an overview of the state of the field and an outline of his dissertation.

In order to explore this phenomenon the author examines the geographical concept of regionalism in literature not belonging to the field of geographical writing.

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According to Felt, early medieval geography primarily was a response to three major sociopolitical and cultural developments: To sum up. Quite convincingly, the author has identified six subgenres which he divided according to their spatial scale: In great detail the author has collected stories in which southern literati mock northern culture or vice versa.

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  • We argue that Chinese learners overuse amplifiers and amplifier collocations in order to focus the reader's attention as well as to enhance the meaning of general adjectives.
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Mountains are the home of divine or semi-divine being dissertation meaning in chinese and spaces to escape from society. In addition to providing an account of the development and characteristics of early medieval Chinese geographical writing and thought, Felt mentions three further points as his main contribution to the field.

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  2. These are 1 the reading of the Shuijing zhu within the context of other geographical texts, 2 situating geographical texts within sociopolitical patterns of human geography by applying the spatial triad introduced by Henri Lefebvre in The Production of Space, and 3 analyzing the cultural work accomplished by the new genre of geography through focusing on conceptualizations of landscape, regionalism, and foreign lands pp.
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Felt has identified three discursive themes predominating the narratives in the Shuijing zhu: Here the natural landscape is interpreted as something more enduring than manmade institutions p. By employing a wide variety of sources, which are interpreted under a greater theoretical umbrella, Felt creates a vivid, fresh, and thought-provoking picture of geography during the period of disunion.

dissertation translate: 专题论文;学位论文. Learn more in the Cambridge English- Chinese simplified Dictionary. Translation for 'dissertation' in the free English-Chinese dictionary and many other Chinese translations.

However, the Chinese learners overused totally, very and really and underused entirely and highly in their writing. Whereas Chinese historians and literati of the successive dynasties regarded the unity of the empire as a natural state of affairs, this ideal of a Chinese state crumbled during the period of disunion.

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In hardly any other period was China more affected by shifts in geography than during the Wei, Jin, and Northern and Southern dynasties C. This trend, however, changed after reunification under the Sui and Tang dynasties when scholar officials revived Han classical culture while at the same time neglected the regionalism of the time of disunion.

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As for Han imperial geography, Felt has singled out three spatial patterns that affirmed claims to imperial authority: The change in political and territorial realities which also affected geographical concepts and writing is interpreted by the author as a claim to state authority. Therefore, to cover different aspects of geographical thought represented in various texts, the rather general outline of geographical writing which is found in the first part of the thesis chaptersis followed in part two by a case study chapters on the structure and some contents of the Shuijing zhu.

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These are: Chapter 3 then deals with regional dichotomy during the Southern and Northern Dynasties. As the content of the Sandu fu and the Huayang guo zhi shows, these patterns were challenged later by prioritizing regional authority, significance, and peculiarities.

We might see that,considering the indicators defined for this application are wide and coherent, i.

The chapter is followed by an impressive collection of maps and charts supporting the arguments in the narrative. Pedagogical implications are also discussed within the paper.

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The conclusion is a detailed summary of the previous chapters.