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The fifth category addressed prison inmates. Our review supplements previous reviews in the field Geue et al.
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A structural literature review on models and methods analysis of green supply chain management.

Fuzzy set and fuzzy numbers Definition 1 A fuzzy set A of a universe of discourse X is characterized by a membership function: For now, donates pair wise comparisons between any two criteria and it is assigned integer score ranging from 0, 1, 2, 3, 4.

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Due to the nature of supplier selection, Multicriteria decision making MCDM methods are required to handle and solve the problem effectively. An empirical case study of a chemical industry corporation located in Safi, Morocco, will be presented in order to illustrate the effectiveness of our proposed approach which is implemented by using Microsoft Excel as software. In other words, managing of recovered products has become an important business for many firms.

slave revolt thesis a structural literature review on models and methods analysis of green supply chain management

Step 1 finding the direct-relation average matrix. Its mathematical form is shown by Eq.

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However, applying these practices and selecting the most appropriate ones for implementation is becoming increasingly difficult due to many barriers Jayant and Azhar ; Govindan et al.

These methods can be grouped into two approaches: Today, buyers are willing to purchase products and services from suppliers that manage apa style sample research paper provide them with high quality, low cost, and short lead time with environmental responsibility at the same time because of increasing environmental attentiveness.


The objective of this study is to present the technical and analytical contribution that multi-criteria decision making analysis MCDA can bring to environmental decision making problems, and especially to GSCM field. Green Logistics GL is the management activities to pursue customer satisfaction and social development goals, connecting the main body of green supply and demand, overcoming space and time obstacles to achieve efficient and rapid movement of goods and services.

Carpooling does create small inconveniences for both drivers and passengers, but the benefits far exceed the costs. It is basically a two step process:

As an instance the arrow from to. In the last century, the most important challenge for enterprises has been integrating of social, environment, and economic performance to obtain sustainable improvement [ 11 ]; in other words, if firms want to survive in the global market they cannot disregard environmental issues.

It harmonizes the economic, customer value, manufacturability, and other factors that may also be evaluated. This study concentrates mainly on the supplier selection problem. Hence, the multi-criteria decision-making MCDA methods combined with fuzzy set theory are involved to provide a systematic methodology for adequate evaluation of sustainable supply chain management practices.

Introduction Environmental protection is becoming more and more important for enterprises because of stronger public awareness, competitors and communities, and government regulations. Abstract At present, environmental issues become real critical barriers for many supply chain corporations concerning the sustainability of their businesses.

The monitoring of environmental management programs of GSCM is reactive, proactive practices including reverse logistics, recycling, and remanufacturing. Criteria for Green Supplier Evaluation According to review of previous researches, five main concepts for improving green supply chain management have been identified: Although some of the motivators are unclear, according to, some of the organizations do this due to the fact that it is the right thing for the environment.

operations research and green supply chain management. . mathematical models to reduce GHG emission across supply chain networks. the literature, and completing the critical. analysis. In this review, the The remainder of the paper is structured as follows: in the next section, we reviewed the. A Structural Literature Review on Models and Methods Analysis of Green Supply Chain A great shift of supply chain management already take.

No single methodology appears to be dominant in solving the supplier selection problem [ 10 ]. Hence, many GSCM practices have been proposed taking into account all information and knowledge generated during the manufacturing process and among all supplier partners.

a structural literature review on models and methods analysis of green supply chain management business plan on hairdressing pdf

A high score indicates a belief that greater improvement in is required to improve. Several other researches such as Eshtehardian et al. Those methods are also uniformly distributed among several application areas.

According to Theyel [ 37 ], collection of schemes is classified according to material to sort and reuse products to reduce manufacturing costs.

Modeling for Green Supply Chain Evaluation

In the case study, decision-making trial and evaluation laboratory technique is applied to test the developed model. Furthermore, Yeh and Chuang have developed an optimum mathematical planning model for partner selection in green supply chain problems using multi-objective genetic algorithm. GL is a multilevel concept which includes both the green logistics business activities and social activities for green logistics management, standardization, and control [ 34 ].

Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) has appeared as an out the literature and develop the research direction of the study. . obtained the conceptual model from data analysis that provide evidence as to which green . Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM) methodology and extracted 11 drivers collected through. Various mathematical tools/techniques used in literature vis-à-vis the contexts of Separate organizational Green supply-chain management (GrSCM) units had . Defining unit of analysis: The unit of analysis Green operations relate to all while remanufacturing refers literature review to structure and classify to an.

Each expert answers the certain questions to demonstrate the degree of a criterion effect criterion based on her or his beliefs. The followed methodology and its application are briefly described in the following section.

In addition, lack of information availability leads organizations to make decisions under significant uncertainty causing unexpected results. Introduction Environmental protection is becoming more and more important for enterprises because of stronger public awareness, competitors and communities, and government regulations. The products are obtained from the end users and returned to the factory for disposal.

Literature Review on Green Supply Chain Management Concept and . classical supply chain management, the GSCM method requires that Jayant, A., Azhar, M., (), Analysis of the Barriers for Implementing Green Supply Chain. Management (GSCM) Practices: An Interpretive Structural Modeling. PDF | Green supply chain management is defined as "the process of using environmentally friendly paper is to briefly review the literature of the green supply chain .. Life-cycle analysis is an important sub concept to Green Design. Ranking of Green Practices using Interpretive Structural Modeling.

A suitable supplier is capable of offering the company the correct quality products and quantity at affordable prices at the best time [ 28 ]. Lee et al. The identification of these criteria and alternatives is performed on the basis of the literature review, brainstorming and discussion between three decision group members.

Modeling for Green Supply Chain Evaluation

In the present manufacturing environment for supply chain, the supplier is the major part of an organization. It is established that an improved environmental performance leads to financial gains. Literature Review 2.

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This leads to reach a win—win perspective Hart and Dowell by enabling firms to create and generate more business opportunities Wang and Chan In fact, the leap from supply chain management to green supply chain management has been relatively rare in the Moroccan context.

Figure 1: Application and Testing of the Model For testing the model, a case study with expert interview technique is applied for this research. Each expert performs pairwise comparisons between each to factors and gives the score from 0 to 4 according to their experiences and believes that factor affects factor.

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Evidently, internal GSCM practices and external green collaboration have significant impacts on green performance, which leads to improve firm competitiveness Yang et al. During the assessment process of the GSCM practices, ten criteria and ten alternatives have been considered.

The method of DEMATEL was chosen to assess the inner dependence level existence of green supply chain management, for selected practice indicators, and to build a network relationship map NRM as well as structural complex causal relationship visualization 3 genre of creative writing the system criteria which acquires the criteria influence levels.

A Structural Literature Review on Models and Methods Analysis of Green Supply Chain A great shift of supply chain management already take place in whole. A Structural Literature Review on Models and Methods Analysis of Green Supply . review of multi-stage green supply chain management, and.

Additionally, buyer-supplier relations play an increasingly important role in addressing environmental issues. One of excellence of this technique rather than others decision making method in applying feedback application. Received Dec 13; Accepted Apr Therefore, the DEMATEL technique is applied in this study to examine both direct and indirect effects among green practices and visualize the causal relationships among them.

Green supply chain management (GSCM): a structured literature review and research data analysis techniques, multi criteria decision-making methods, research in survey research is moving from exploratory to model building and testing. A literature review seems to be a valid approach, as a necessary step in structuring a In recent years the topic of Green Supply Chain Management ( GSCM) has Thereafter, techniques/methodologies applied, models developed, research . structural modeling, etc. have been identified to be used to model, analyze and.

Moreover, it is made up of packaging materials, transport, emissions, garbage, and emissions [ 3536 ]. Major indicators are engaged in the recovery of resources conservation and resource utilization and resource type, environmental governance, environmental pollution, and reinvented ability.

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This study identifies 12 key enablers from the literature that foster the implementation of green supply chain management GSCM. In fact, organizations should become greener Marcus and Fremeth by implementing many GSCM practices which consist in several environmental supply chain management directives that can be adopted both inside and outside the company Ageron et al.