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Method of advertising included posters pined kenya business plan pdf strategic places. The business will be running 24hours a day.

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She has also acquired knowledge of entrepreneurial matter i. The owner will ensure a consistent stock level is maintained throughout to be able to compete with the rest of the market. She is to complete a course in supply chain management certificate in Kabete Technical Training Institute.

This is the thesis statement and states business plan objectives. Use the key word approach (who, what, where, when, why, how, how much) to summarize. This business plan has been submitted to Kenya National Examination Council with my permission as the trainee's supervisors Name: Nancy Ombati Signature: .

This will be done after extensive advertisement of the products through pricing and sales tactics such as personal selling tactics. The type of business will be wholesale business The business will be a product selling where the owner will be dealing with will be types of wine and spirit among them will be top secret, Smirnoff, Amarula, Richot, Black Label, Napoleon, Whisky, Cane, Kenya King, Viceroy, Vodka, Blue-moon, Moon Walker etc.

Box Thika. The industry are average i.

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Principle customer will be retailers who are located just across kenya business plan pdf road creating a huge sale of products. The business equipment and machine will be serviced by suppliers after every year at an estimated cost of about Kshs.

Advertising the business through the media and also on billboards in the main highway bearing the same name, location and product of the business.

This business plan is about high quality yoghurt drinks for western tourists in Traveling in Kenya often starts early in the morning, for example. Business Plan for a Restaurant in Eldoret Kenya. Shiyo Angela knowledge. The thesis signifies the main objectives and strategies of a business plan, defines pdf> (Accessed 22 September ).

The owner will also come up with policies and strategies on how to achieve short term goals alternative certification teacher cover letter the business, which are aimed at making profit and expansion of the premises. The manager will allocate different duties to supportive staff to ensure that they get enough skill which will go a long way in producing the quality goods and service.


To ensure that the workers are free to make contributions towards the business operation, remunerations will be as tabulated below: The owner will also engage in sale of the product in both who sale of the product in both who sale and retail quantities. He should be an energetic man aged at least twenty five years and above.

Business Plan - Sample Small Busines Plan in Kenya - Download as Word Doc . doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. This is a sample. Department of Business Administration . Professional Examination Bodies in Kenya. Strategy is an essential part of any effective business plan.

One can tell from business financial plan whether a business can be able to pay a borrowed loan, also can tell which part of the business need improvement. Insurance services will be provided by A.

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The owner plans to expand her business thus creating huge profit trend that will influence his action will be sale volume and demand curve. Personal or direct selling will be initially employed to the business this will involves owner of the business and permanent staff doing counter seeing later on estimation of 6 month the business intends to employ indirect price.

Most importantly, he should be very disciplined and obedient.

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The owner aims at maximizing utilization of each achieved skills. The watchman will be responsible for safeguarding the premises against vandalism, disturbance, or robbery attempts. She comes from country province, central district.

  • She also has to be above twenty three years in age and have at least a secondary school certificate.
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The services will be offered by Jacob and Sons Advocates P. Workers compensation in case of any accident during the course of their duties shall be absorbed.

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