Population Health Ethics: Annotated Bibliography
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Annotated bibliography ethics. Medical Ethics: An Annotated Bibliography

In this work, Mill presents his theory of liberty, which is founded on the freedom of individuals from restraint as long they do not cause harm to others. Gruskin S, Daniels N.

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Faden RR, Powers M. Jenks argues that Intensive English Programs must act as full partners in education if they hope to be treated as such, and suggests ways to reach that goal. First, the primary concern of public health is populations rather than individuals.

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Wikler and Brock outline distinctive features of population-level bioethics, including: The target audience for this framework is those in traditional public health institutions e. Phil Pub Affairs ; This article challenges the distinction between individual and population health, which the author argues is inefficient and potentially essay rain water harvesting.

The purpose of this framework is to provide guidance to decision-makers regarding an ethical process of decision-making and ethical values that can be applied to the consideration of substantive issues.

Gitau-Mburu concludes by emphasizing the dangers of not considering the ethical implications of all public health activities, particularly as interpretations of whether they constitute research or not may vary.

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This article presents a code of ethics for public health adopted by the American Public Health Association. Sen also distinguishes his approach to justice from that of John Rawls ; see above.

Medical Ethics: An Annotated Bibliography

Weed considers, then, how this may be expected to impact public health decision-making. He argues that public health has always involved weighing costs and benefits in real-life situations and that standards of evidence are variably applied by public health practitioners. A code of ethics for public health. Public Health Genomics ;12 3: Health Care Anal ;10 2: Date modified: Can J Public Health ;97 5: Lee urges political leadership and institutional guidance to encourage research that looks beyond race to underlying factors that contribute to health disparities between groups.

Medical Ethics: An Annotated Bibliography

Equity is closely linked to distributive justice and to human rights. Developing an environmentally conscious value system is increasingly relevant in light of global environmental phenomena, such as climate change and freshwater depletion.

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Thus, he suggests that prior to resetting standards of evidence to fit with the precautionary principle, the field should study how causal inferences are currently made english essay a visit to zoo public health practice, their theoretical foundations, and the ethical implications of their use.

From a literature review of ethical regulations in public health, the author finds that there are no consistent ethical regulations in public health and that ethical regulation is often required only for those activities that qualify as research.

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Burlingame, CA: J Law Med Ethics ;29 2: Rawls J. In order to improve the quality and clarity of ethical frameworks, the authors argue that they must clearly explain where the framework comes from authors, theoretical foundation, evidence basewhat the framework is intended to be used for, and what the implications of following the framework are.

The aim of this theory is to reconcile the tension between liberty and equality.

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Examples of an Annotated Bibliography Need some help putting together an annotated bibliography? The interconnection between application letter for gym and population health is framed as an interaction between absolutist and relativist notions of health.

And so on.

J Med Philos ;29 3: He presents "equality of what? Hodgkinson, H. Am J Public Health ;98 9: The authors suggest core values for population health ethics that draw on two strands of theoretical work: Emphasis was placed on key publications frequently cited by others.

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This work is framed in the context of criticisms from some that ethical regulations can be obstructive and cause unnecessary delays to public health practice. East Afr J Public Health ;5 3: Search Strategy A search of PubMed, Web of Science, and Google Scholar databases was conducted using the key words 'population health ethics', 'public health ethics', 'equity', and 'health'.

These discussions help understand the different components of the system that need to be jointly considered. He asserts that such a view focuses the field on population health as a fundamental oktawave case study and on the pursuit of justice and equity in health.

  1. The code consists of 12 principles for ethical practice in public health.
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Public Health ; 3: Sen how to write a research paper in 10 steps that a capabilities approach to justice has profound implications for the way in which economic inequalities, poverty, and class and gender inequalities are understood and addressed.

Mahwah, NJ: Thus, following a scan of the retrieved articles, select publications were chosen to illustrate the main theories, principles, and frameworks discussed.

Population Health Ethics: Annotated Bibliography - CIHR

Following a review of current ethical challenges in population health, he suggests a broader bioethics agenda focused on unresolved questions related to two key areas: He suggests the challenge lies oktawave case study three elements of public health that make it difficult to theorize. Such a process serves the goal of maintaining moral accountability to others, a fundamental component of civil society.

In Bentham's work Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation, he discusses his principle of utility.

Need some help putting together an annotated bibliography? Here are some examples of an annotated bibliography. Source: Feinberg, R. ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY FOR TEACHING ETHICS IN. PROFESSIONAL WRITING. Bruce W. Speck. Memphis State University. Lynnette R. Porter.

First, that social justice should focus on actual states of well-being rather than merely the capacity for well-being. This focus neglects the epidemiological transition from infectious to chronic disease and the associated moral difference between controlling disease agents and controlling host behaviours. Whitehead M.

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Braveman and Gruskin suggest a definition of equity intended to assist with its operationalization and measurement. Alta book Center Publishers.

For an excellent bibliography of non-Internet ethics and professional bility materials, see Deborah L. Rhode, Annotated Bibliography of Educational Materials. View Test Prep - Annotated Bibliography- Business Ethics from BUSI at Liberty University. Running head: ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Annotated.

Articles were chosen for inclusion in the bibliography with the aim of representing a range of work in the field rather than an exhaustive list of all relevant publications.

Wilson J. Second, ethics in public health are case-oriented, and are concerned with the ethical dimensions of the public health enterprise, the moral standing of the population's health, trade-offs between collective goods and individuals interests, and social justice.

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Scand J Public Health ;35 1: Med Health Care Philos ;12 3: These ethical issues need to be considered in the context of the long-term use of demographic and health surveillance systems. Needham Heights, MA: According to Daniels, bioethics has traditionally overemphasized decontextualized clinician-patient and researcher-participant relationships, as well as emerging technologies.

Gostin LO. Wikler D, Brock DW. Importantly, the authors emphasize that this framework was influenced heavily by a particular context the Toronto SARS experience.