Digital Operations Strategic Plan: 2018-2022
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Business plan 6.1, a user-centred...

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The government will build upon this success through continued improvements to the Open Government Portal. Make security measures frictionless so that they do not place a burden on users.

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And with the pervasiveness of smartphones, such programs are becoming widely available and used. In a cloud model, vendors are responsible for maintaining and renewing the infrastructure, upgrading applications, and adding new capabilities, and customers purchase computing power on demand rather than acquiring and operating the infrastructure themselves.

Vision components A service-oriented government, with a user-centred approach that puts citizens and their needs as the primary focus of our work, using tell-us-once service approaches, integrated services, and provides real-time information to Canadians about their service applications.

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As the government moves toward enterprise-wide digital solutions and initiatives, for which responsibility is shared between institutions, the protection of personal information needs to be considered at the outset, through a Privacy Impact Assessment, which can identify ways to minimize privacy impacts and mitigate risks.

CIOs will ultimately need to determine the pace at which they migrate to cloud services. Going forward Consultation and research with users must be incorporated into service and policy development, and CIOs should identify opportunities to use collaboration and co-design within product development.

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This Strategic Plan establishes the integrated direction for the government on digital transformation, service delivery, security, IM and IT. Business plan 6.1 widely: All public servants are responsible for information management, and CIOs have special responsibility for ensuring that information is properly managed through its life cycle and is available to Canadians when appropriate.

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Build in accessibility from the start: In addition, workshops and focus groups of public servants from various departments, aqa info 4 coursework guide categories and essay on management of time contributed to the development of this Strategic Plan.

Develop services using agile, iterative and user-centred methods. Make sure that staff have access to the tools, training and technologies they need.

Budget also announced the development of a client-first service strategy to promote service improvement and transformation, and improve the experience of Canadians and businesses dealing with government. The principles articulated in the digital standards and the action items outlined in this Strategic Plan will help guide the way.

The release of government research, program performance evaluation, and other information helps assure Canadians that government decisions are evidence-based.

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These smart programs help people organize their lives: In a public cloud model, government organizations share secure tenancy with other consumers of a cloud service, including private companies, non-profits and individuals. Donovan Bailey has run his own successful CPA consulting firm for 15 years.

This theme of the digital government vision recognizes: Advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence will increasingly enable new products and approaches, especially when coupled with the near-exponential growth in computing power and data storage capabilities noted above. This means we need to be transparent about sharing information and be genuinely collaborative in our approach.

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Services should meet or exceed accessibility standards. Create multidisciplinary teams with the range of skills needed to deliver a common goal.

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As part of the overall web strategy, it was announced in the to GC IM-IT Strategic Plan that the government will develop a strategy and framework for the development and management of mobile applications that are easy to use and trusted.

Make sure that everyone receives fair treatment. The design and delivery of technologically enabled services must consider latency, bandwidth, infrastructure, privacy, security and service levels.

When a cell phone suddenly rings in class it makes a lot of noise, delaying lecture time for students. That trend is using a cell phone while driving.

To mitigate the risk that the government over-invests in private cloud service and ensure that private cloud services are sufficiently scalable, Shared Services Canada will conduct a proof of concept designed to evaluate the scale and scope of government private cloud service essay pet peeves.

In addition, government is increasingly using sites such as GitHub, Google Documents or social media to co-design elements of policy or services. A digital-first and digitally enabled government that is available anytime, anywhere, with services and information provided through multiple windows and service channels.

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Ensure that data is collected and held in a secure way so that it can easily be reused by others to provide services. Good digital governance that ensures we have digital leadership, proper project oversight, strategic government-wide prioritization that integrates business and technology planning.

This data can enable new service approaches and a level of customization of services not previously possible, such as when e-commerce companies make suggestions based on past purchases, or where countries such as the United Kingdom use data from employment records to remove the need for most income tax submissions.

Build your plan, then organize it.

The act seeks ib chemistry extended essay ideas help identify, remove and prevent accessibility barriers in areas under federal jurisdiction and within the government. This vision is: This has prompted the government to focus on a data centre consolidation strategy that advocates transitioning to a limited number of modern enterprise data centres.

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On the other hand, this consolidated approach allows for a concentrated targeting of security resources compared with the effort required to ensure that thousands of decentralized systems are continuously secure and protected against evolving threats. New mechanisms such as cloud and other service delivery models are being established to improve the stability of existing systems and services, and to better balance infrastructure supply and demand.

This portal, designed through user testing, uses artificial intelligence to enable requesters to search for summaries of previously released Access to Information requests and to help requesters to identify which institutions would likely hold the information they seek.

Research by Accenture into e-government in the United States suggests that citizens typically want more digital government services but are discouraged by difficulties in accessing digital information or service channels.

Executive summary Write this last. Meaningful service standards Service standards allow the government to make a commitment to users and citizens on the quality and timeliness of service they can reasonably expect in most cases.

In creating a cloud-first requirement in the Policy on Management of Information and Technologythe government has assessed the potential risks posed to data sovereignty, data residency, security and privacy.

Digital Operations Strategic Plan: -

Design with users: A relaunched Consulting with Canadians website provides a central portal for people to pune university-phd thesis submission for my favourite author essay class 5 respond to consultations across government.

The strategy will also study and recommend potential changes to government administrative policies, such as making accessibility and usability fundamental criteria in IT procurement rules beyond the use of vendor statements. Other challenges and opportunities Adapting government to leverage new technologies and ways of working is the major digital challenge, and opportunity, that government faces in the coming years.

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  4. GCcollab has been launched to enable document-sharing and collaboration with stakeholders across silos and jurisdictions.

Take a balanced approach to managing risk by implementing appropriate privacy and security measures. For example, since Novemberemployment insurance applicants have been able to find their latest status using the My Service Canada Account portal. For her last two years at her family's store, she was the general employee manager.

This will support the protection of privacy for integrated and online service delivery. Make security measures frictionless so that they do not place a burden on users.

Consultation and collaboration are important components of policy-making, but these must be inclusive and accessible to identify the needs of diverse populations. According to Statistics Canada, the internet usage of Canadians of all ages has risen significantly over recent years, with most Canadians now using the Internet frequently or daily.

Some of these change drivers are discussed below. It identifies cross-government priorities and key activities for departments and agencies, including those that provide services to other government organizations.

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This will support the protection of privacy for integrated and online service delivery. To promote the digital standard of design with users, the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat TBS will work with government UX practitioners to identify and address administrative barriers to user research, provide guidance on user research practices, and encourage departments to adopt user research methods and activities as a key component of designing and building services, programs and operations.

More detail on how we will work toward this vision and detail on its components are included in the following chapters. Inthe government launched the Service Improvement Initiative, which led to the creation of Service Canada as a single-window service provider for many government programs, and of the Treasury Board Policy Framework for Service Improvement in

For each project, the Digital Transformation Office co-creates prototypes, sets concrete usability targets, and runs usability tests with Canadians, trying to improve to address specific questions that people have about specific federal services.

This Digital Operations Strategic Plan is about building on those early steps and charting the path forward.