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These samples are present for you in various formats and can be downloaded and printed for example in DOC format.

Ocr music coursework deadline 2019, we also use...


Further information from: Use of candidate work If work was posted to OCR for moderation or selected during visiting moderation, it will normally be returned to centres. OCR link: Please ensure the address on the moderator label matches the address provided on the sample request.

Return NCN (National Centre Number) centre detail confirmation to OCR Receive and check in preliminary material for January Functional Skills .. Deadline for submission of May/June NEA and fieldwork centre Last date to submit externally-assessed coursework to the examiner for May/June Music. Deadline for the receipt of Cambridge Nationals entries by OCR following Deadline for the receipt of coursework marks by the moderator and E Oxford Cambridge and RSA. GCSE, Entry Level Certificate, Project Levels 1 & 2 and Mathematics. Media Studies. Music. Persian. Physical Education.

From here the vast majority will study Art or Design at one of the top Art universities and make successful careers in a wide range of disciplines. We strongly advise you to keep evidence of work submitted to the moderator, e.

PC suite running Cubase, Reason and Sibelius 7.

A wide range of natural and manufactured materials will be explored to address aspects of design in fashion, furnishing and fine art. The moderator arranges a visit at a date and time convenient to compare and contrast a literature review and a theorisation parties.

Sorry you've not had any responses about this. Are you sure you've posted in the right place? Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more. Coursework and controlled assessment deadlines. Use our March exam timetable ( KB) May/June AS and A-level exam timetable ( MB).

Finally, we develop the skill of appraising during the GCSE course. Drawing is an essential part of the course and as well as opportunities to draw from direct observation.

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The skills students will develop will be varied, including knowledge of materials, processes and techniques. Once you receive your sample request, you should upload the work to the OCR Repository within three working days of receiving the request. In Key Stage 3 students are taught to develop their ideas through a wide range of media and processes and are given the opportunity to work in both two and three dimensions.

You can check this in the Entry Codes booklet. Enjoy some of the activities by viewing the Music Gallery click here.

Key dates and timetables

A few exceptions, the same as those listed above in the sample requests section, are issued in hard copy rather than via Interchange. External moderation Usually, internally assessed units are externally moderated.

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They will develop a specialist vocabulary, build on their knowledge and understanding of the place of art, craft and design in history and contemporary society. At this stage, centres may be required to resolve any issues the moderator discovers during the external moderation.

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Notification of clerical errors — We have amended the internally assessed marks you provided, usually following an incorrect transcription or incorrect addition of the marks. There are links to contemporary artists, traditional processes and project-based learning.

They will look at the work of other artists, designers and craftsmen from a variety of times and cultures.

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It is not possible for centres to offer both options for a unit within the same series, but you can choose different options for different units. Key Stage 3 Students will experience a structured approach to the teaching of Art which focuses on continuity, progression, experience and high expectations.

Exams – Stretford High School A wide range of natural and manufactured materials will be explored to address aspects of design in fashion, furnishing and fine art.

As a starting point you need to have a love of music, already play an instrument and be confident enough to perform with the entire class. There are three studio quality iPad docks used to record digital music. In other words, this is any form of music from onwards!

In such cases, your co-operation in supplying material is much appreciated. Accommodation and Resources Music is housed in two very well resourced rooms with four practice rooms adjacent.

Save the work as usual.

Music 2: You should select this option when you make your entries. Submitting work via post The sample of candidate work must be posted to the moderator within three working days of receiving the request.

Dates and timetables

When making your final entriesthe entry option specifies how the sample of work for each unit is to be submitted. However, we may be required to retain some items as exemplar material for awarding, regulation, archive, teacher training and educational purposes.

Final deadline for submission: 3rd June 22nd April Submit Strand 5. Music. Edexcel. 15%. 15%. 15%. 15% OCR. 50% of AS. Level. Product Development. Final deadline for submission: 22nd April EPQ. Normally there will be no extension of a coursework deadline if a student . Music. OCR. J December NEA. Medium. Cambridge.

Students will be encouraged to use a variety of media and materials to develop their creative skills and express their individual thoughts, feelings, observations and ideas in visual form.

Homework projects are set once a year for Key stage 3, once a half term for key stage 4 and contoh essay tentang anti korupsi hours a fortnight for key stage 5.

OCR provide exams officers with detailed timetables and key date scheduling for our general and vocational qualifications. The awarding bodies have designated Wednesday 26 June as a Deadline/04/ 44, 01 January , AS and A Level, Cambridge Nationals, Entry Level 59, 31 January , Cambridge Nationals, GCSE, Timetable, Nov, Deadline for date for the despatch of coursework and portfolio administration forms to centres.

They will also be more experimental and analytical and will learn how to document findings in different ways. Instructions for arranging externally examined performances can be found on the performance page.

JCQ - Joint Council for Qualifications

These include: Lost, missing, damaged or incomplete work In the case of a candidate for whom the internally assessed work has been lost or is missing, or where the work is damaged or is incomplete, then you must apply for special consideration. We recommend you do not use courier services or other specialist postage methods, as moderators may experience difficulty receiving deliveries, which can delay moderation.

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We are extremely proud of our musical tradition here at Castle High. They will develop their observational drawing skills and work in a variety of media to develop essay writing on apple for their own work.

Students will be able to interpret and convey ideas and feelings through their work.

At first, it was a mere calculating machine. Not only this, the knowledge of computer helps in domestic work likes making the home budget doing calculations, and playing with confidence.

Year 8: Acoustic room with Brass Instrument storage. You must follow the instructions on the form and ensure the remaining work, which was not part of the sample, is checked. Practical component: During the course, you will create the above pieces of coursework through the study of the three primary musical disciplines, performing, composing and listening.

This is where I show you the 32 beds that I almost bought.

In some circumstances, we may need to request work from a centre. The syllabus reflects expected progress, knowledge, understanding and breadth of study. The Art Department at Warlingham School is a friendly, lively and hardworking department.

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  2. In some circumstances, we may need to request work from a centre.
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  5. In other words, this is any form of music from onwards!
  6. JCQ - JCQ Joint Council for Qualifications

If they do not match, please use the address provided on the sample request and make sure to use labels for the correct series not leftover labels from previous series. PC suite running Cubase, Reason and Sibelius 7.

Internal assessment - OCR There are three studio quality iPad docks used to record digital music. There are links to contemporary artists, traditional processes and project-based learning.

These skills aside, you will also develop teamwork, instrumental, creativity, working to deadlines and technology skills. Projects include observational drawing, large scale abstract painting, print-making, mixed-media collage, sculpture relief and clay work.

Exam timetables - OCR

Integral to each project is reference to the work of the artist, designer or craft person from different cultures and periods. Clearly label the removable data with your centre number and component number and send it to the OCR assessor.

Here you'll find all the key dates and deadlines for our general and and Cambridge Nationals /19 (XLSX, KB) Updated 14/02/ OCR offers guidance to exams officers for administering internal and for general qualifications include non-exam arrangements, coursework and Centre authentication form (DOC, 67KB) Updated 08/02/ Deadlines for submitting marks and authentication are available in the key dates document.

Outcomes of moderation Centres will usually receive the outcome of moderation when the provisional results are issued. Year 7: Each Art teacher runs an after school Art club at least once a week. Candidate work should be retained by centres under secure conditions until after the deadline for review of results or until any appeal, malpractice or other results enquiry has been completed, whichever is later.

Key dates and timetables - OCR

The Art Department consists of 4 specialist Art rooms, a 6th form Art studio, a kiln room and an Art office. Three of the Art rooms have printing presses and all 2 rooms have computers with specialist software.

Both rooms have interactive whiteboards with iPad capability. Related links. Music Performance is one of the key disciplines for any musician. Throughout the course we are constantly developing the three disciplines of music, composing, performing and appraising.