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Literature review outdoor education,

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All types of study designs e. Any disagreements between the reviewers were resolved through discussion and by referring to a third reviewer UD.

[2] by analysing primary research studies on outdoor learning from the UK that Systematic reviews in the context of education were, however. Research supports that integrating experiential outdoor education into K curricula results in better standardized.

For both quantitative and qualitative studies, an overall rating is presented in Appendix A Table A1 and Table A2 with mean values and standard deviations. PA and mental health as outcomes were underrepresented. Pieretti, N.

OL/ECE LITERATURE REVIEW. – Organized from oldest article to most recently read –. Updated: February 5, Chawla, L. (). Benefits of Nature. the literature review, there is debate within the field of Outdoor Education over its exact meaning and nature. The relationship between Outdoor Education and.

An Integrative Framework. Additionally, one more independent reviewer FM had to specifically evaluate one article [ 23 ] which had been included in the review, due to the authorship of GL and UD who are part of the review team.

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Journal of Planning Literature, 30 4— Derby, M. Participants in Outdoor Education Programmes OEPs presumably benefit from these programmes in terms of their social and personal development, academic achievement and physical activity PA. Based on the mean values, we provide an overall rating regarding the categories low, moderate and high methodological quality.

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Secondly, we qualitatively describe the most important outcomes of the studies in a narrative synthesis. Quantitative studies were rated on 12 questions using a scale: Only one review [ 20 ] used a systematic approach with respect to approved guidelines, i.

PDF | A review of the literature in this field primarily reveals factors that have impacted on teachers and the teaching of Outdoor Education in. A review of the literature in this field primarily reveals factors that have impacted on teachers and the teaching of Outdoor Education in Australian schools since.

Childhood, education and philosophy: Qualitative studies were rated on 9 questions using a scale: The cut-off values are defined as follows: Kids, raccoons, and roos: Eight studies described outcomes in terms of social dimensions, seven studies in learning dimensions and four studies were subsumed under additional outcomes, i.

Therefore, we see our work in relation to the model of education research developed by Andrews [ 22 ]. We contacted the corresponding authors of 30 studies and requested additional information about the intervention and analyses procedures.

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We looked at reference lists and citations of included studies listed in Scopus. Both the reference list search and the cited-by-search yielded no additional studies that met all the eligibility criteria.

Conceptual overview 15 Outdoor Learning 15 Research 16 .. as in outdoor ecological field study underpin this review and much of the literature that . Robbins, Annie, "Synthesizing the Outdoor Education Literature to Create a .. For this literature review, I synthesized seminal texts, scientific studies, and.

Thirteen studies were included for analysis. Introduction Within the past 20 years, Outdoor Education Programmes OEPs in general have been reported to show a number of positive effects on personal and social development, physical activity, academic achievement and leadership skills for a wide range of participants and age groups [ 123 ].

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Methods To identify and analyse the existing literature on regular compulsory school- and curriculum-based outdoor education programmes, we chose to endorse a systematic review approach.

Rickinson et al.

you need a kayak to learn outside?': a literature review into learning outside the classroom KEYWORDS: Outdoors, provision, learning, curriculum, practices. Summary of traditional literature reviews on the effects of outdoor.

Practical application of an indigenous research framework and two qualitative indigenous research methods: Recommendations to teach several curriculum content areas outside the classroom can be found in the new regional curriculum in Bavaria, Germany [ 15 ].