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A case study of balanced scorecard implementation in a malaysian company, rogers', ,...

Multiple sources of evidence allow corroboration between different types of evidence and as such will enhance this study's construct validity, leading to accurate and more convincing case study findings Ramli, Accessed June 28, Nevertheless, this study is not without its limitations.

Balanced Scorecard for Insurance Companies in Malaysia

Secondly, it shows that, with a more focused set of KPIs based on BSC principles and its four perspectives, the performance tool could be tailored to meet the GLC' requirements, in particular the Blue Book initiatives, resulting in a a case study of balanced scorecard implementation in a malaysian company enhanced performance.

The main source of evidence for this study was obtained from fourteen semi-structured interviews with relevant personnel involved with the BSC implementation in a selected GLC.

help my child with her homework a case study of balanced scorecard implementation in a malaysian company

It is suggested that more robust empirical investigations be conducted on a larger scale to confirm these findings. This case study uses various sources of evidence in a technique known as data triangulation.

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Research Methodology In the present study, the case study approach was used, with questions such as "where," "how" or "why" being asked about "a contemporary set of events, over which the investigator has little or no control" Yin,p. To ensure that the information was accurately conveyed, the interview data were validated by giving each respondent a copy of the transcribed interview.

This objective is supported by the following sub-objectives:

Performance measurement of supply chain management: The interviews were done face to face at the interviewees' office. Comput Ind Eng ; 53 1: Published by Elsevier B.

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The case company attributed the successful implementation of the company's strategies to its adoption of the BSC. In addition, cross-checking of the information was performed against the company documents, reports, internal circulars, and website information and field notes of the researchers.

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The GLC emphasised the importance of effective communication in transformation by putting in place good communication channels within the organisation and installing up-to date Information Technology IT systems. Published by ElsevierB.

However, the KRA was deemed to be too broad to capture the company's true performance.

An explanatory case study is used which employed semi structured of Balanced Scorecard in a Malaysian Government Linked Company: An. Balanced Scorecard (BSC) implementation issues using the case study approach. Data were .. The chosen case company is a large Malaysian GLC, which.

Intensifying performance management. The BSC comprises four perspectives, namely finance, customer relations, internal business process and lastly, learning and growth.

This study attempts to gain insights on the implementation of Balanced. Scorecard (BSC) within a Malaysian Government-linked Company. (GLC) in line The study employs a case study method involving semi-structured interviews, review. This study examined the adoption of the balanced scorecard by Malaysian companies and the Malaysian companies, implementation obstacles, implementation challenges. BALANCED . In the case of MTETC, numerous units regularly.

Bhagwat, R. The adoption or rejection of innovation will result in consequences of innovation. Harry, E.

A Case Study of Balanced Scorecard Implementation in a Malaysian De Bord that has been used by French companies since the s. A Case Study of Balanced Scorecard Implementation in a Malaysian Company. Article (PDF Available) in Journal of Asia-Pacific Business.

The purpose of the exploratory facts finding was to obtain general information on BSC practices in Malaysia and to identify suitable companies for the case studies which are actively implementing BSC. Flick, ; Yin, ; Minichiello and Kottler,argued that case study approach allows the researcher to deal with the subtleties and intricacies of complex situations, specifically in getting an insider's perspective.

In addition case study is flexible as it allows the use of a variety of research methods and can be used in a wider range of situations and for a wider range of purpose.

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Managing quality in qualitative research. The internal business process focuses on the internal operations of the organisation, enabling managers to evaluate their businesses efficiently.

J App Finan Bank ; 1 1 Blue book V2: The new vision and mission brought about changes in the mentality towards performance evaluation that subsequently translated into better organisational performance. Free Press; Such programmes gave a better understanding of what it took to achieve the KPIs set by the parent company. Case study research: This could add to the limited literature on this aspect especially on Malaysian GLCs.

As a strategic management tool, the BSC facilitates the translation of the organisation's vision and strategic objectives into operational measures and critical drivers.

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Kottler, J. By integrating a set of measures derived from the company's strategy, the BSC enables the top management to have a comprehensive view of the firm.

Free Press;

The accountants also worked along with others through the Continuous Improvement Management CIM initiatives scion case study as Six Sigma, Lean Management and other improvement initiatives which provided feedback to facilitate decision-making. The present study was carried out to examine the use of the BSC to achieve desired transformation, the role of management accountants and the critical factors for the successful implementation of the BSC model in a selected Malaysian government-linked company GLC.

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The interviews covered context and practices as well as factors that facilitated and hindered the BSC implementation prepared soal essay geografi kelas xi semester 1 dan jawabannya on extensive review of literatures and discussions with academics. These persons were chosen due to their in-depth information and experience in day to day operation on GLC transformation Programme and BSC implementation.

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Hence, there was an urgent need to adopt the BSC to improve performance. The following subsections discuss the critical success factors found to affect the BSC implementation within the GLC as shown in Figure 1.

The point of the cover letter, after all, is to persuade the employer that you are the best candidate for the job.

Before embarking on the interviews on the real case companies, essay blueprint means researcher had conducted exploratory facts finding on a few GLCs. In summary, the current study supports the results of previous studies, but is unique in that it was carried out on a GLC in a developing country.

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Unpublished doctoral dissertation. Los Angeles: We sincerely thank the anonymous case study company and individuals who participated in our study for their co-operation.

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  • An in-depth case study method was adopted and data was collected from multiple sources of evidence which enabled the corroboration of facts.

Evidence from Malaysian listed companies. The Balanced Scorecard developed by Kaplan and Norton, ; ; was the GLS's choice of measurement tool as it uses a comprehensive approach and a framework that incorporates both financial and non-financial measures. Guidelines to help the GLCs were given in the form of various colour-coded books. The BSC and the Blue Book share similar objectives in that both focus on the integration of financial and non-financial metrics.

Balanced Scorecard | ABeam Consulting Malaysia

Account Org Soc ; Design and methods. The semi-structured interviews consisted of open-ended questions based on the interview protocol as suggested by relevant literature on PM, BSC and GLCs.

J Account Organ Change ;5: Sage Publications Ltd.

Without a proper tool the GLCs continue to be non- performers and consequences jeopardize the Malaysian vision. The portals were used for the sharing of information, results, achievement, making announcements and also for encouraging and motivating employees.

The study is able to summarize these factors and the management accountants' role in ensuring the success of the implementation. Value engineering development in Malaysia: This perspective is what makes the BSC unique, compared to other traditional performance measures.

A CASE STUDY OF BALANCED SCORECARD IMPLEMENTATION: THE HIDDEN study on BSC implementation in a Malaysian telecommunication company. A case study of balanced scorecard implementation in a Malaysian company The balanced scorecard (BSC) has attracted considerable interest study on BSC implementation in a Malaysian telecommunication company.

Conclusions Several significant conclusions can be drawn from this study. Harvard Business Review Press; Hence, it is important to select an appropriate and effective performance tool not only to evaluate performance, but also to help management assess strategic plans and minimize planning errors.

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Perceived corporate entrepreneurship in GLCs: Communication and leadership skills, determination and perseverance are vital traits of company leadership. The aim of a case study of balanced scorecard implementation in a malaysian company program was to improve the GLCs performance best creative writing colleges in texas well as having a positive demonstration effect on the rest of the corporate sectors.

Such programmes gave a better understanding of what it took to achieve the KPIs set by the parent company.

Management control systems design within its organizational context: