Literature Review for Impulse Buying
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Literature review on impulse buying behavior.

Literature Review for Impulse Buying

In addition, the consumers impulse buying tendency has been found to vary according to different product categories Jones et al. Retrieved 11 1,from Money Stuff: However for my future study, I would like to study the Indian consumer and evaluate how the middle-class consumer reacts to promotional offers and whether his purchase is actually on impulse or planned.

BeattyS. All these behaviours might militate against consumer im-pulsive buying.

Literature Review for Impulse Buying | Retail | Emotions

Factors such as in-store background music, store display, scent, in-store promotions, prices, shop cleanliness, shop density or congestion and store personnel all make up the in- store shopping environment, among others.

In grocery stores, retailers strategically place low- cost hedonic items1, such as gum, candy and magazines at the checkout.

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Consumers adjust to higher retail densities by reducing shopping what are the five components of a business plan, deviating from their shopping plans, buying less to enter business plan excel financial template check- out lanes, postponing purchases, relying more on shop- ping lists, reducing interpersonal communications and re- fraining from exploratory behaviours Michon et al.

Unfortunately, impulse buying sweet corn essay result in detrimental consequences. Phillips and Bradshaw focused on point-of-sale interaction: Seoul National University.

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Ko found apparel impulse buying was distinguished from reasonable unplanned buying that was based on emotional preference or objective evaluation rather than rational evaluation. The underlying continuum is conceived of as representing excessive containment of impulse and delay of gratification versus an insufficient modulation of impulse and an inability to delay gratification.

Retail merchants know that a certain percentage of their sales are made to consumers who buy in response to a sudden impulse.

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Shopping environment-related causes There are many ways an impulse purchase can be induced by the factors in the shopping environment. A shopper enters the store with the expectations and intention of making some purchasers on the basis of price specials, coupons, and the like. One effect of unexpected price discounts is that of causing a generalized affective effect on consumers Janakiraman et al.

This makes creating an enticing web site ever important in drawing shoppers buying attention. Person-related causes Impulsiveness as a trait has gained a lot of attention in impulse buying research.

provide a detailed account of the impulse buying behavior by compiling the In this paper, we have reviewed the literature on the impulse buying behavior and. PDF | Many of the researchers have studied and explored the synergetic impacts of different factors affecting the impulse buying and the factors.

Planned impulse buying; Reminded impulse buying; Fashion-oriented impulse buying; and Pure impulse buying. When applied to an online shopping environment, for example the media format used to present the product information may have an affect on impulse purchase intentions Adelaar et al.

Encouraging and Discouraging Factors.

10 EASY TIPS TO STOP IMPULSE BUYING - minimalism & money

Engel, J. With the advent of the World Wide Web and the development of the technology to allow the user to interact and communicate with a website, online stores are emerging and having an increasing impact on the retail market.

Many researchers argue that it is triggered in a consumers head through clever marketing while others claim that it has nothing to do with marketing whereas it is the consumer himself that decides whether to buy on impulse or not. Absorption is an interesting construct for consumer research because it can play a role in how people respond to environmental and sensory cues, including those that influence the purchase and consumption of products.

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Product-related causes Some products or product categories have been found to be more susceptible to an impulse purchase. Impulse Purchasing: This description suggests emotion overpowering a more cautious and considered approach to a purchase.

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Beyond spontaneity, impulse buying may also be described as an intense, exciting urge to buy without regard to the consequences of the purchase decision. Impulse buying is more emotional than rational.

Literature Review for Impulse Buying

Stress reaction represents systematic individual differences in the frequency and intensity of responding to situational cues with negative emotional states i. The origins of this thinking are in psychology, as a persons general impulsivity is seen as affecting also impulse purchases.

  • The first is the promotional effect, which includes stimuli such as promotional discounts coupons, multiple-item discounts and gifts and cheaper prices.
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Journal of Business Research56 7 Impulse purchase or impulse buying describes any purchase which a shopper makes but has not planned in advance Baumeister, ; Stern, Already in Stern suggested that those products with a low price or a short product life will be more likely to be bought on impulse.

Absorption Absorption is a tendency to become immersed in self-involving experiences triggered by engaging external and internal stimuli Tellegen and Waller, in press.

A Review of Literature on Impulse Buying Behaviour of Consumers in Brick & Mortar and Click only Stores. International Journal of Management Research and . The present chapter reviews the past literature and is divided into seven impulse buying behavior was a better predictor of actual impulse purchasing behavior.

Impulse Buying: According to The Yankee Group Nov. JonesM.

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Baumeister, R. Thus the effective use of marketing strategies on retail web sites are likely to promote impulse buying. JAI Press.

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Impulse buying occurs when a consumer experiences a sudden, often powerful and persistent urge to buy something immediately Rook, Related Interests. Factors with an atmospheric, entertaining experiential and hedonic effect In-store displays The most important aspect of successful in-store displays is for retailers to understand their customers and their habits according to Terrazas Journal of Consumer Research28 5 According to a recent report,